White-collar families want to humanize the design of a small family

What is humane? With the different times, people's lifestyles and life rhythms are constantly changing, and the concept of “humanity” is constantly being updated. What is the normal status of white-collar family life today? Let's take a look!

1.Time is precious and you can turn books

Now that the white-collar workers are watching the mobile phone, whether they are taking the subway, going up the stairs, or going to the toilet, many elders do not understand it. In fact, they are forced to help! A dozen hours a day spent on the company and on the way to and from work, with hours left to do anything else? Therefore, all other private hobbies must be completed by squeezing time. It cannot be a minute or a second. Therefore, the design of the home naturally should think of this. According to statistics, people have spent three years in the bathroom throughout their lives. For the white-collar workers who are busy, emotional, and know how hard it is to spend time, how can they make toilet time so wasteful? For example, adding a shelf next to the toilet and filling it with magazine novels and reaching out, you don't have to regret it for forgetting to bring your phone. Report to the boss at work to rush into the bathroom, first review some; take a break when holding a fashion magazine, edify about sentiment; bored with funny novels into it, easy ten minutes, happy all day ... ... for white-collar workers Like it, adding storage compartments to the side of the Bathroom Cabinets in the bathroom at home and reading them at anytime and anywhere is a humanized design. The same storage can also be designed behind the bed and on the sofa.

2. The mirror of the bathroom cabinet must be open to the door?

A woman spends a whole lifetime facing the mirror longer than a man. After waking up, turn left in front of the mirror and find that the style is still beautiful, pleasant and pleasant, and there is a basic guarantee for the joy of the day. I believe that most of the mirror cabinets we buy are open to the door, and no one will feel that there is a problem. But in fact the same side of the mirror, you have to consider to ask which side "who is the most beautiful woman in the world."

If the door can be opened on the same side of the door, then turning left or right will not be necessary. Maintain 360° directly. It only requires you to miss a turning movement, but you need to make a profound study of the white-collar women's living habits.

3. Not afraid of warm and cautious lighting overtime

White-collar families always have to work overtime. When they go home, they find that the other half are asleep. They enter the door to open the living room light, enter the toilet to open the toilet light, and go to bed to open the bedroom light. Walking around the house, the lights of the family were all open, and the other half of the sleepy eyes were awakened. However, we must not turn on the lights. If we don't turn on the lights and go to bed, we will have to drop seven things and eight things. We must wake up the other half and lose more. Prepare some led nightlights where you need to be at home. The entrance is warm and the family is asleep.

4. The world of one-child second-child child is ignored

The second-child policy is open, and the baby in the white-collar family needs more attention. Before going out in the morning, the mirror above the bathroom cabinet is normal for adults but it is not suitable for children. Do not think that children do not need to look in the mirror. They are smart now! Therefore, it is humanized to have a design that suits them. At the same time, installing round horns on the tables and low cabinets at home can also prevent bruising.

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