What should I do if the vault door lock is broken?

We all know that no matter how good a product, through the baptism of time, it is more or less will have some glitches, vault doors is also true, vault doors common failure is not open the lock, which could be man-made reasons It may also be the reason for the internal structure. Today we have come to learn in detail how to deal with the failure of the vault door lock.
Vault Door Repair

use correctly:
Generally, two keys will be used to unlock the key at the same time. First insert the key in the key hole in the defined position, and place the key in the two holes in the designated position. It should be noted that the key blade must be in the same direction. It is necessary to pay attention to observation. First turn the key 2 clockwise to a position of 90 degrees halfway, and screw the key to a circle, approximately 180 degrees.
1. When the lock is subjected to an external force and a malfunction occurs, the mechanical lock cylinder structure is misaligned so that it cannot be opened even if the key is required. Some people may say that a relatively small item is stuffed into the lock cylinder so that the key cannot open the lock. Even lawbreakers using technical opening tools toggle the locking tabs to lock automatically will prevent the cylinder from opening.
2. The wrong use of the lock for many times will make the lock on the ability to discern the password.
Simple processing: Clean the lock cylinder, clean the foreign materials, and contact the factory to send back professional technicians for maintenance. 2. Strictly follow the correct method to unlock.
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Acrylonitrile Content
The acrylonitrile (ACN) content of the polymer chains can vary from 18% to 50%. Lower ACN content gives better low-temperature properties but inferior resistance to fuels and polar lubricants. Higher ACN content gives lesser quality low-temperature properties but improved fuels and polar lubricants resistance. Standard NBRs typically have 34% ACN content.

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