What is the effect of chicken wings wooden bracelets?

Chicken wing wood is one of the five major redwoods , but it does not have precious stones such as red sandalwood, Hainan huanghuali and rosewood. It is a relatively civilian wood. In folks, chickens are the descendants of phoenix. Therefore, in the hearts of ancient people, wenge is a Kind of auspicious wood, can bring a good far, the chicken wing wood bottom has no effect, the following will follow the small series to explore the effect of the chicken wing wooden bracelet.

鸡翅木手串有什么功效 怡神醒脑or吉祥好运

Chicken wing wooden bracelets one effect: refreshing

The chicken wing wood king uses natural force to perceive the emotional changes of the person, feels the wearer's emotions and sorrows, cares for the wearer, increases self-confidence and confidence, and makes the wearer go all the way. Long-term wear of agarwood can not only refresh the mind, but also have a certain fitness effect, with the dual role of love and health. If we are emotionally unstable or irritable in our lives, it is best to wear wenge to comfort our emotions, especially for some anger.

Chicken wing wooden bracelets function two: promote sleep

If you have a poor quality sleep, consider wearing a wenge wood while sleeping, or on the side of the pillow, its calm magnetic field can help insomniacs and those who are prone to nightmares to sleep well, especially dreamers, wenge Can suppress the occurrence of nightmares.

鸡翅木手串有什么功效 怡神醒脑or吉祥好运

Chicken wing wooden bracelets three effects: analgesic harm

Chicken wing wood can promote blood circulation, it is said that chicken wing wood can also purify water, and can also reduce the harm of alcohol and cigarettes to the human body. Chicken wing wood has an analgesic effect, and long-term wear can relieve pain.

Chicken wing wooden bracelets four functions: can develop wisdom, help to think, concentrate, increase memory, and can increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain.

鸡翅木手串有什么功效 怡神醒脑or吉祥好运

The relevant content of the above chicken wing wooden bracelets, first introduced to this, chicken wing wood is one of the redwood, the price is very affordable, it is worth having, want the older sister more about the chicken wing wood, please pay attention to GO Jia Living

Source: GO Jiaju

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