What is the anti-theft capability of smart locks?

At present, many high-end residential areas in China have installed smart locks. Consumers' impressions of smart locks are mostly high-end, atmospheric, and convenient, and there is still concern about the anti-theft capabilities of smart locks. So how about the smart lock anti-theft capability? This article will analyze it.

What is the anti-theft capability of smart locks?

First of all, consumers are most concerned about the anti-theft capability of smart locks. Fingerprints are copied. They fear that one day the smart locks will be opened by the copied fingerprints, causing theft at home.

Xiao Bian tells everyone here that in fact, the fingerprint is not so easily copied, and even if it is copied, it is difficult to open the smart lock. This is because smart locks use live recognition technology. This technology only responds to the human dermis and directly eliminates the big problem of artificial fingerprints.

Live biometric fingerprint recognition technology only recognizes live human fingerprints and does not recognize all other substances. The principle of living fingerprint recognition: identify the temperature of the skin, the capacitance of human skin and so on. Based on the principle of capacitive sensing, the electronic signal can sense the biological characteristics of the identification object and only recognize the living body fingerprint.


With the use of live fingerprint recognition technology, it is not afraid that the fingerprint residue is used by a reasonable person. The live fingerprint is aimed at the optical fingerprint recognition technology, and thus the living body recognition appears to eliminate artificial fingerprints.

The emergence of live fingerprint locks has greatly increased the security of smart locks, fundamentally eliminating false fingerprints, allowing users to use them more worry-free. At present, the speed of the live fingerprint identification smart lock door opening is less than 0.5 seconds. The acquisition head integrates about 100,000 capacitive sensors. Children and the elderly and the people who work in dry areas can cause fingers to be rough.

So, smart locks are very powerful anti-theft capabilities, not to mention smart locks also support virtual bit cryptography, free handles against brute force cracking, and the ability to send alarm messages when violently unlocked, etc., in terms of security is a traditional door The lock is far from reachable.

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