What are the manufacturers of aluminum foil bags in Wuhan? .

Greatly Hisashi Internet to collect several plastic foil bag factory in Wuhan, hoping to customers in need of help.
1. Wuhan City, the Chi-ming Printing Packaging Co., Ltd.
Wuhan City, the Chi-ming Printing Packaging Co., Ltd. is located in East Lake a lake Jinyinhu 65 China Wuhan, Hubei Province, The Company has the four open four-color printing four-color Heidelberg presses, high-speed computer gravure printing machine, complex machines, trilateral closure sealing machine, specializing in the production of handbags, paper bags, paper bags, boxes, kits, blister / tray, gift boxes, Muhe, moon cake box, tea box, cosmetics box, box, color me , Cai Lun tile gift boxes, food packaging materials, food packaging, bags, vacuum foil 120 degrees retort pouch, OPP bread bags, paper bags cake, high / low film bags, garment bag, shoe, vest bag, Common non-woven bags, color peritoneal woven bags, woven bags color printing peritoneal, wine bag, advertising bag, box, business book, leaflets, stickers, T ads (print) notebook, sealing tape (printing), etc. (sold all over the country) Our company has a certain scale of production, rich production experience, strong technical strength, scientific management mode, is a design and production of agricultural industrial companies. Our quality has won the praise of our customers. "Quality first, customer first, integrity management, mutual benefit, achieve win-win", development,
2. Wuhan Jianghan District Classic Printing Materials Business Department
Wuhan Jianghan District Classic Printing Materials Business Department is a professional production and processing company with complete products and a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of the classic printing materials business department of Jianghan District of Wuhan City have been recognized by the industry. It mainly produces vacuum bags, food bags, vest bags, retort bags, garment bags, and aluminum-plated bags. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.
3. Wuhan Tianli Packing Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Tianli Packing Co., Ltd. was established on June 25, 1993. It is currently the largest packaging enterprise specializing in the production of plastic flexible packaging in Wuhan, Wuhan. It is located in the central city of Wuhan (Hanzheng Street Urban Industrial Park) with convenient transportation. The company's products are: vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, octagonal seals, three-side seal bags, flat pressure seal bags, four-side seal bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, nozzle bags, gift bags, hot-cut heat-sealing OPP bags , greaseproof paper food bags, roll film, cup cover film, beverage bottle stickers, self-adhesive bags and special packaging of various composite materials. The company's self-supporting bags, octagonal seals, vertical ziplock bags, mouth-mounted vertical bags, and shaped vertical bags have filled the gap in this technology in Hubei, and have been put into production in batches. The company's various plastic flexible packaging is widely used in food industry, spices, daily chemicals, medicine, health, agricultural products processing, pesticides, clothing and hotel catering, etc., with a wide variety and complete specifications.
We adhere to the business philosophy of "providing customers with high-quality products, perfect after-sales service, reasonable price and fast delivery cycle". We will meet the requirements of our customers with competitive prices, first-class quality, satisfactory service and continuous improvement. We are willing to cooperate with customers with higher quality and better service on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Cooperation and common development.
4. Wuhan Jiadaoxing Packaging Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Jiadaoxing Packaging Co., Ltd. factory price: aluminum foil bags, composite bags, OPP plastic bags, ziplock bags, supermarket vest bags, POF shrink film bags, PE handbags, PE bags, bubble bags and other plastic bags. Our advanced equipment is fast delivery and large quantity. The products are widely used in small commodity packaging, clothing, supermarket shopping, advertising and other industries. Business phone.

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