The user is dissatisfied with the traditional furniture mode, the custom design contains great business opportunities.

A few days ago, the home furnishing industry released a furniture satisfaction survey. The results showed that 76% of users were dissatisfied with the traditional furniture model, and nearly 80% of the reasons were related to customization. 56% of home and decoration styles are uncoordinated; 22% of the furniture is not suitable for space usage. In other words, custom furniture has become a business opportunity with great development potential in the industry. Industry veterans told Xiaobian that with the increasing awareness of people's individuality, the uniforms on the market can no longer meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers, and consumers are gradually looking for their own personalized home. In the case of market feedback, custom homes have maintained strong growth this year. With the growth of the new generation of consumer groups after the 1980s, home customization has ushered in rapid growth in response to the demands of modern young people to admire their individuality and self-attraction. In particular, high-end custom furniture has accounted for more than 10% of the entire furniture market. Today, the real estate market is booming, the personalized decoration style is gradually sought after by people, and custom furniture has become a symbol of fashion life. The demand for custom-made wardrobes will gradually evolve to a finer level. Compared with finished wardrobes, custom wardrobes are more demanding and have higher service requirements. To meet the needs of consumers for the size, color, fabric, structure, function and other requirements of the wardrobe, this is also a test of the production capacity of the wardrobe enterprise. In the new year, the “customization” of the home building materials industry will be the direction of enterprise development. How to create a personalized home improvement environment, and create their own unique products, are the learning direction of the wardrobe business. With its special customization mode, the wardrobe products should also develop a wardrobe brand service that more satisfies the consumer's personality, and open up a wider market with the personalized service of the wardrobe. According to the consumer's demand for the wardrobe, custom-designed wardrobes for exclusive consumers will be the ultimate development direction.

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