The three major security risks buried in the wild decoration

Decoration workers were killed. At the time of the incident, a worker prepared to get through a wall of the bathroom. Unexpectedly, the wall suddenly collapsed and was picked up under the wall. It can be seen that there are many problems in the construction of hidden dangers caused by wild decoration. It is understood that many accidents, such as fires, occurred in urban residents’ buildings in China, caused by the hidden dangers of the wild decoration.
Even if there is no malignant accident, savage decoration will seriously affect the useful life of the building. In addition, many toxic decoration materials can seriously pollute the indoor environment and harm people's health. Therefore, home decoration should attach great importance to the safety of housing construction, fire safety, electrical safety and environmental safety and other three major security issues.
Hidden danger 1 The structural safety problem of demolishing and reforming the wall to aggravate the load of the floor is mainly caused by the arbitrarily dismantling and modifying the wall in the decoration. Some households used wall cabinets, cabinets, and shoe cabinets to expand space or use walls to remove some or even entire load-bearing walls or partitions. Some households added walls to the existing floor to separate the space, or Paving heavier granite, marble and other stone floors, but also overlay cement mortar layer, increasing the floor of the permanent load; there are many residents will change the balcony function, so that the balcony bearing capacity exceeds its design bearing capacity.
Hidden dangers 2 Aging or misconfigured lines caused fire home fire has always been the focus of social fire prevention. According to statistics from the fire department, in recent years, fires caused by improper decoration and decoration have been one of the main causes of fires in homes. According to the investigation and statistics of the causes of fire in residential fires in our country, about 30% of the fires are caused by the aging of residential electrical lines or the unreasonable configuration during the renovation process, which ranks first among numerous fire causes. According to the analysis, due to the lack of strict and unified fire safety management for residential decoration, the decoration design and construction are often not carried out according to fire safety regulations. Most of the decoration materials are made of flammable materials that are not fireproofed. The electrical distribution equipments for the decoration design and installation cannot meet the requirements of the sharp increase in household electricity consumption.
Hidden Troubles 3 Indoor Air Pollution Caused by Renovation and Quality of Furniture In recent years, chemical and physical pollution in the decoration materials have caused potential harm to the health of the human body as a result of the quality problems of the decoration materials and furniture materials, becoming invisible “killers”. Although the national standards on the indoor environment have been implemented for several years, due to the lack of awareness of indoor environmental protection of consumers, inadequate indoor environmental pollution control technologies for decoration and decoration projects, and individual indoor decoration and decoration materials companies' control of indoor environmental pollution. Inappropriately, the cases and problems caused by the decoration and furniture indoor environmental pollution are still the puzzles that plagued consumers, and it is also an important issue for home decoration security.

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