The safe is not so safe.

On the 17th, 46 unlocked masters from 11 provinces and cities nationwide staged a security class for the public at the foot of Mount Tai. When they saw the door locks, safes, etc., they could easily open for them. When cheering, did you worry about the safety of your safe?

Perhaps for ordinary citizens, safes are not in use, but as a standard for most companies, safes are indispensable. And now, it seems that safes that are considered safe are not as safe. In the end, what kind of safes are used for safes, and which safes are easily opened?

It is understood that not all safes are safe, and there are various ways in which thieves can open safes. According to the person in charge of the Shandong Provincial Hardware Association’s Security Equipment Professional Committee, there are safe deposit boxes produced by some manufacturers. Hollow iron sheets are used at the door panels, and cement is poured to increase the weight. Consumers are deceived and can easily be opened after drilling the surface sheet metal. Secondly, there are many thieves who turn the safe over and let the electromagnet of the safe out of service by shaking. Then use the unlocking tool to open the safe. The third is that some safes, the gap between the door and the door frame is too large, the door plate connection bearing welding process behind, unable to withstand violence tips. In addition, for some low-quality safes whose cabinet thickness is lower than the national standard of 4mm, heavy hammers can deform them, and then the safe can be opened with tools.

"In fact, for the safe, the most important part is the lock cylinder. Many safe lock cylinder structure is behind, using technology to open the way, you can quickly open." Karma Lock Shandong Marketing Center, a technical staff told reporters that this As with the relationship between security doors and anti-theft locks, if the core of the lock clearance, and then no master of cattle can do anything.

According to the Institute of Hardware of Shandong Province, at present, there are two design methods for safes: mechanical locks (main locks) plus cipher disks (minor locks) or mechanical locks (main locks) plus smart systems (minor locks). The safe designer designed two independent systems and theoretically wanted to achieve double protection. However, in reality, unlockers can bypass such “theories”. Therefore, on the basis of intelligent systems, the mechanical lock cylinders have anti-theft performance. Very important.

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