The kitchen has a balcony how to decorate the kitchen decoration is prone to problems

Right now, many developers build houses that come with a few small balconies, presumably this is a common problem for many people. Such a small space needs only reasonable transformations and can bring you unexpected things. Surprise, playing a unique landscape in home life. Then, how to decorate the kitchen with a balcony ? Below, Xiao Bian to teach everyone how to decorate the kitchen balcony .

First, how to decorate the kitchen

1. Although the balcony seems to be a simple space, in fact, it is also a large variety of new style balconies without some features. From the use of functions, it can be divided into living balconies and service balconies. This is the most basic, It is also the most basic division method. Generally, the living balcony is a place for the occupants to relax, enjoy scenery, dry goods, and plant flowers. Such balcony is often connected to the living room, and has functions such as laundry and storage, if the balcony and the kitchen or restaurant Connected, then the area can be called a service balcony, use it as a cooking room, can be a good distinction for the room soot zone and smoke-free area, so that the original narrow kitchen becomes less crowded.

2, in general, the balcony size is small, but we can be divided into a good, a custom storage cabinet at the corner, used to store vegetables and fruits or unusual items, etc., can also change the kitchen in our bedroom Being more tidy, it can also allow the kitchen space to be extended and increase the permeability of the space. It can also be used as an independent leisure space. A hammocks can also be placed here and you can enjoy the sunshine in your leisure time.

Second, the kitchen decoration is prone to problems

1, floor materials

Because of the large water vapour in the area, the ground will be relatively slippery. Therefore, special attention should be paid when selecting facing materials. Generally, it is advisable to prevent slipping. Otherwise, it is easy to slip slightly, especially for families with elderly people and children. Must do a good job of anti-skid measures.

2, light

Should choose the white light of the lighting is appropriate, there are two places need to install the lamps, one is the overall illumination of the ceiling, and the second is the washing, preparation area, the light will not affect people's judgment of color.

Summary: Well, some knowledge on how to decorate the kitchen with a balcony to explain this, and friends later in the renovation of this pattern of housing, you can refer to it, according to the actual situation from the home room, to develop their own decoration The plan is that there is plenty of natural light on the balcony and you must make full use of it.

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