The issue of rare earths or the issue of G20 China faces many pressures from Europe and the United States

Or into the G20 issue _ How to play "Rare Earth" in China

China faces pressure from Europe, the United States and Japan, and the export quota for rare earths will not drop significantly in 2011.
The shadow of the exchange rate has not yet gone, and the issue of rare earth has been pushed to the forefront.

White House spokesman Gibbs said at a press conference on October 26 that if the US government's security and economic authorities deem it necessary, "will not hesitate to G

The 20th Seoul Summit raised the issue of rare earths. In addition, the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) also investigated China's relevant policies on environmental technology trade and investment in accordance with Article 301 of the Trade Law.

Yesterday, Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian pointed out to this reporter in a press conference on China's foreign investment cooperation. "This question, since someone has proposed to discuss it, is it on the agenda, this issue is ours. In the study, and said that it is inconvenient to comment. He also said that China's rare earth export quotas will not drop significantly in 2011.

Europe, the United States and Japan fully pressure China
At present, the hot speculation on China's rare earth export control has spread from Japan and gradually reached Europe and the United States.

German Economy Minister Brudler said on October 26 that the free trade agreement must apply to all commodities, especially rare earth resources. Any country that wants to remain active in the international market must open its home market at the same time.

Since the Sino-Japanese "Diaoyu Island" friction on September 8, the outside world said that China stopped the export of rare earths to Japan. On October 19, the New York Times quoted three US Rare Earth industry officials as saying that after the implementation of the rare-party "embargo" on Japan in September, China stopped exporting rare earth exports to the United States and Europe. Clarify and deny.

Chen Jian told reporters yesterday that China’s rare earth export quotas will not drop significantly. He said: "China has management of rare earths, but there are no restrictions. Quotas are the means of management."

He pointed out that when implementing the management of rare earth resources, China must implement the resolutions of the Copenhagen Conference on the one hand, reduce emissions, pollution, environmental protection, and crack down on rare earth smuggling, which is responsible to the world. On the other hand, it still maintains a certain amount of growth, but it does not grow casually. There are quotas.

"Compared to the EU and the United States, China's rare earth exports should have had a greater impact on Japan, because Japan is the world's most powerful country for refining rare earths and processing rare earths." Tu Xinquan, vice president of the China WTO School of the University of International Business and Economics The reporter said.

How to lay a "Rare Earth Card"?

China's rare earth reserves account for one-third of the world's total, and production accounts for more than 90% of the world's total. The United States and Australia have 15% and 5% of their reserves, respectively. Due to the lack of control, a considerable part of China's rare earths are sold to the United States, Japan and European countries at low prices.

Due to the environmental pollution that may be involved in the development of rare earths and the production of radioactive substances, many countries are reluctant to develop their own rare earths and instead rely on China's cheap imports. "There are many places now, including the government. There are rare earths that are not allowed to be mined, and they are not allowed to export." Chen Jian told reporters.

Zhao Zhongxiu, dean of the School of International Trade at the University of International Business and Economics, told the reporter of China Business News that China’s access to rare earth pricing power is also a legitimate and legitimate trade interest. “Because precious resources cannot be sold for a long time.”

While accusing China's rare earth policy, countries are also stepping up the development of rare earth resources outside China to reduce their dependence on China's rare earths.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Honolulu on October 28: "The United States and its allies should reduce their dependence on China's rare earth production." EU Trade Commissioner Karel Gugut also said on October 26 that the EU cannot be on the issue of rare earths. Totally dependent on China.

Japan has actively engaged with India and Vietnam to seek more sources of rare earth resources. The United States has also begun to open the production of local rare earth mines.

According to Bloomberg News reported on October 31, after more than a year of research, a report from the US Pentagon pointed out that China’s restricted sales of rare earths caused the price of rare earths to rise sharply and caused some industry concerns, but the limiting factors did not cause such things as radar and precision guidance. The production of defense equipment such as bombs and night vision equipment was suspended.

In this regard, Tu Xinquan told reporters that in order to protect rare earth resources, it may be possible to use more methods than just export quotas. “Because the WTO’s regulations on export restrictions are relatively clear, China may be able to protect rare earth resources by controlling production. For example, companies that levy more taxes on rare earth industries can naturally pass on the price of rare earths, thus ensuring that rare earths can be compared. A reasonable price deal."

Rare earth enterprise deep processing of gold
At present, due to China's encouragement of the development of rare earth deep processing industry, many domestic enterprises are vigorously developing the rare earth deep processing industry.

In fact, although the price of rare earth has risen sharply, the profits of domestic rare earth smelting enterprises are not very lucrative, and profits are mainly earned by rare earth mining companies. Not only that, most of the rare earth smelting enterprises in China do not have rare earth mineral resources, and can only purchase raw materials at high prices from rare earth mining companies.

Even the Minmetals Group, which has the largest capacity for smelting rare earths in the South, is facing such an embarrassing situation. In this regard, Minmetals Group will invest mainly in the field of rare earth smelting and deep processing to seek a breakthrough.

After years of accumulation, China has made some achievements in the application of rare earths, especially in the field of luminescent materials. "About 90% of the global energy-saving lamps are made in China." Jia Qiang, chairman of Xiamen Donglin Electronics Co., Ltd. told the "First Financial Daily".

The reporter saw in an interview in Zhangzhou that a complete industrial chain of luminescent materials such as raw ore mining, rare earth separation, phosphor processing, and energy-saving lamp manufacturing has been formed. Despite this, China's technical level in the field of rare earth applications such as permanent magnets, hydrogen storage, catalysis and polishing is still far behind the developed countries such as the United States and Japan.

A senior management of the rare earth department of Minmetals Group told this newspaper that Minmetals will vigorously develop the field of rare earth deep processing in the future.

Baotou Steel Rare Earth (600111.SH) is also preparing for deep processing investment. The resources of Baotou Steel Rare Earth are mainly light rare earths, lacking medium and heavy rare earth resources, while the southern medium and heavy rare earth resources are the most valued by foreign manufacturers. In order to attract foreign investment to Baotou local investment in rare earth deep processing, in August this year, Baotou Steel Rare Earth was in Jiangxi Acquired three rare earth companies.

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