The importance of bathroom waterproof The three major processes of bathroom waterproof

As we all know, the bathroom is a large area of ​​water consumption, so if this is not done waterproof work, the trouble caused by the latter will continue, but also has a great impact on the harmony of the neighborhood, it can be seen, bathroom waterproof We must do, here together with the small series to see the importance of toilet water and toilet water flow which, I hope for your help.

The importance of bathroom waterproofing

In the process of dressing up in a place of residence, there will inevitably be the transformation of water and electricity, which will inevitably destroy the waterproof layer made by the developer. Therefore, in order to strengthen the waterproof setting, protect the property, and avoid disputes between neighbors, the new house dress up. Waterproofing must be done. Even if there is no damage, waterproofing should be done twice, because the waterproofing done by the developer is quite unqualified.

What is the danger of not doing waterproofing?

I believe we all know that water is a pervasive medium, especially for kitchens and other areas that are exposed to a lot of water; as long as there is a leak in one area, the whole floor will form a string of water that penetrates downstairs and destroys the neighborhood. Relationships, in serious cases, can also cause legal disputes and, in addition, make up for waterproofing. The cost is about several times before the renovation.

Bathroom waterproofing process

1, brush the first time waterproof coating

Before starting work, we must first ensure the cleanliness and dryness of the site, and then when painting waterproof products, we must be full to avoid missing areas, of course, brushing the height should be consistent, the thickness should meet the product requirements The request.

2, brush the second time waterproof coating

When brushing, it should be kept in mind that the first and second pass should be separated by a certain period of time. Only after the first pass of the paint is dry can the second pass be carried out. The specific time is based on the drying time limit of the paint. If it is too short, the waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.

3, shop protective layer, closed water test

In order to avoid damaging the water-repellent layer during the later period of the project, a guarding layer should be laid on the surface, and in the end, when the conventional water-removal test is performed, the water at the highest point on the ground must not be lower than 2 cm, and the preservation time should be at least 12 hours. Leakage indicates satisfactory.

Xiao Bian summary: Some introductions of bathroom waterproofing are explained here. I hope that friends who have needs in this area will be greatly assisted. Of course, if there are other better suggestions, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Bathroom waterproof how to do bathroom waterproof

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