Take you through the daily maintenance of pressure transmitters

Jiangsu Fenghui Instruments takes you through the routine maintenance of pressure transmitters. There are mainly 8 points below:
1, to prevent the dross deposition in the catheter and the transmitter contact with corrosive or overheated media.
2. When measuring gas pressure, the pressure tap should be open at the top of the process pipe, and the transmitter should also be installed at the top of the process pipe so that the accumulated liquid can be easily injected into the process pipe.
3, when measuring the liquid pressure, take the pressure port should be open in the side of the process pipeline to avoid sediment deposition.
4, the pressure tube should be installed in a small temperature fluctuations. 5, when measuring the liquid pressure, the installation location of the transmitter should avoid the liquid impact (water hammer phenomenon), so as to avoid overvoltage damage to the transmitter.
6. When freezing occurs in winter, the transmitter installed outdoors must adopt anti-freezing measures to avoid the loss of the volume due to the expansion of the volume of ice in the pressure-inducing port.
7. When wiring, pass the cable through the waterproof connector or the wraparound tube and tighten the sealing nut to prevent rain water from leaking through the cable into the transmitter housing.
8. When measuring steam or other high-temperature medium, a condenser such as a buffer tube (coil) must be connected, and the operating temperature of the transmitter should not exceed the limit.

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