Smart door lock body installation six steps

Smart door locks are now the most popular type of smart home products. There are many friends who install such products. What is the installation process of smart door locks? Xiao Bian summarizes the installation of smart door locks. Big steps.

Smart door lock body installation six steps

The first step: demolition

If you simply look at the traditional door lock on the security door, you don't think it's very big, but when you remove it and compare it with the electronic door lock, you really see what the "Overlord locks". The lock body becomes smaller, and the corresponding lock points are also few, but after confirming with the on-site installation master, the lock points are not directly proportional to the safety, the most critical lock points are firm and reliable, and the rest lock points are all linked through Realized. For this reason, the security concerns caused by the smaller lock body and the reduced lock points have also been eliminated.


The second step: initial installation, measurement

After removing the old lock, the body of the electronic door lock needs to be “tested” into the security door. During the installation, the width and thickness of the door panel and the new lock body must be measured. According to the volume of the existing door lock and the position of the bolt, a marking hole is made in the security door. That is, the installation of the electronic door lock is destructive installation.

The third step: open hole, drill

After the related data is measured, the lock body needs to be taken out, and the anti-theft door steel body needs to be cut with an angle grinder or a disc sander.

The fourth step: install the lock body, calibration

The above are all preparations, followed by the actual installation process. First of all, the lock body needs to be fixed, and a second calibration is required before completely fixing it. The position of the tongue must be matched with the original door frame. The most important thing is that the door lock cannot be tilted.

Step 5: Install Front and Rear Panels

The seemingly simple panel installation is actually the core of "smart". Large bolts are needed between the lock body and the panel, and there are connection lines between the front and rear panels, so that a smart unlock is formed. In addition, waterproof rubber mats, etc., need to be installed.


Step Six: Trial + Password

After all the debugging is completed, you need to set the smart door lock. To ensure the security of your home, you must change the original password and enter the administrator fingerprint information. Any operation requires a password or fingerprint to determine its administrative rights.

From the demolition of the lock to installation and commissioning, the entire process took more than two hours. Time-consuming engineering measures, openings. If the original keyhole is small, it takes a lot of time to cut.

Because the electronic smart door lock is destructively installed, a friend who installs the smart door lock must be confirmed with the worker's master before installation.

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