Sharing the seven steps of the security system

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Speaking of the structure of the security system, we can say that each subsystem has different configurations including: front-end, transmission, information processing / control / display / communication three units. The specific content of the three major units is different for different subsystems.
Sharing the seven steps of the security system
I. Intrusion Alarm Intrusion alarm system uses sensor technology and electronic information technology to detect and indicate illegally entering or attempting to illegally enter the fortified area, handling alarm information, and issuing an electronic system or network for alarm information.
Second, video surveillance
The video security monitoring system uses video technology to detect and monitor the fortified area and display and record the electronic system or network of the live image in real time.
The front-end equipment of the system is various types of cameras, video alarms, and their ancillary equipment. The transmission mode can be coaxial cable transmission or optical fiber transmission; the terminal equipment of the system is display, recording, control, communication equipment, multimedia technology equipment. Generally, a separate video center console or monitoring-alarm center console is used.
3. The entrance and exit control access control system uses the custom symbol recognition or pattern recognition technology to identify the entrance and exit targets and control the electronic system or network that opens and closes the entrance and exit actuators.
The entrance and exit control system generally consists of three parts: the entrance and exit object identification device, the entrance and exit information processing, the control, the communication device, and the entrance and exit control actuator. The entrance and exit control system shall have preventive measures to prevent one card from entering multiple people or one card, and there shall be a password system that prevents similar devices from illegally copying valid ID cards. The password system shall be authorized to be modified.
4. Electronic patrol electronic patrol system An electronic system for managing and controlling the inspection routes, methods and processes of security inspectors.
Fifth, parking lot management
The parking garage management system is an electronic system or network that automatically logs in, monitors, and manages vehicles entering and leaving the parking garage.
Sixth, explosion-proof safety inspection system
The explosion-proof safety inspection system checks the electronic equipment system or network of personnel, baggage, and cargo carrying explosives, weapons, and other contraband.
7. Other subsystems For buildings, structures or special parts and special parts with special functional requirements, it is necessary to design safety technical protection systems with special functions, such as special high-security physical protection systems, explosion-proof and safety inspections. System, safety information broadcasting system, etc.

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