Secondary structure column pump features

The main features of the secondary structure of the column pump: The slurry pump with dual-piston, electro-hydraulic control, S-tube valve distribution, with the system stability, control system is simple, easy to operate, less maintenance and other advantages . Secondary structure Column pump features The use of pump power is very small, in the absence of power only need to be equipped with a minimum generator to work, is the youngest concrete pump, is the only one of the narrow construction environment select. High pump configuration, hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate, for the construction of the column note, good continuity, high transmission efficiency, is manually poured concrete hundreds of times. The main seals use PARKER (PARKER) high-quality seals, to eliminate the internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system. Widely used in some special construction environments, construction of railway tunnels, diversion tunnels, culverts, mining holes, bridge holes and other holes in the body, including water conservancy projects, hydropower projects, slope support, underground construction operations, basic filling projects, large Qunlou building structure column pouring and so on. The secondary structure of the pump's advantages: full mechanized operation, is manually pouring concrete hundreds of times, shortening the construction period. This pump pouring concrete continuity, transmission efficiency, saving labor costs. This pump small size, easy construction, simple operation, the floor can be poured directly, greatly reducing labor intensity. (Editor: Li Juan) Recommended reading: fluid machinery free generation mining services

Carbon Slip On Flange is a kind of Carbon Steel Flange connected to a container or pipe line. Slip on flange is suitable for pipeline system with low pressure level and low pressure fluctuation, vibration.  SO flange is widely used because of its easy alignment and low cost in welding and assembling.

  slip on flange



ANSI B16.5,B16.7,/API 605,6A,6B/MSS SP44/AWWA  C207


DIN 2627/2628,2629/2630,2631.2632,2633,2634,2635/2636,2637/2638(WN)


        2501(WN); DIN2641,2642,DIN 86029/86030; DIN2527 BL


DIN 2573,2576,2655,2656(PL);DIN 2566(TH) ,DIN 2502,2503,2527,2565/2566,


BS  4504 PN16,PN40/BS10


GOST 12820,12821


HG 20592  JB 81-94


JIS B2220 /KS 5K,10K ,16K, 20K,30K


ANSI 150LBS-2500LBS, (150#, 300#, 600#,900#,1500#, 2500#)


BS PN 2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN20, PN40

JIS 5K,10K ,16K, 20K,30K


Carbon Steel


Low Temperature Carbon Steel: ASTM SA350 LF2

High Strength Steel: ASTM SA694 F42/46/52/56/60/65

Aluminum steel 1060,1061,5083,6061 ect


Free forging, plate cutting.
Jointing Faces:

raised face(FR); ring joint face(RJ); tongue and groove face; male and female face;

 lapped joint; flat face; threaded


sea worthy plywooden case, wooden pallet


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Factory in-house or Third Party inspection available upon requests.

Facing Method

rust preventing oil, spray paint (black, yellow), hot galvanization, cold galvanization or

colored electroplate, powder coating and so on.

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Slip On Flange

Carbon Steel Slip On Flange, DIN Slip On Flange, A105 Slip On Flange, ANSI B16.5 Slip On Flange