Restaurant wall design principles how to do restaurant wall painting

In the home-improvement design, the dining room wall has already become the “focus” of the design. From the DIY dining room wall to the restaurant wall wallpaper, the owner's personalized taste is reflected. Many people use colorful paintings to decorate the walls of the restaurant. The wall paintings originated from ancient mural art, combined with the graffiti of Europe and the United States, were brought into the modern home culture design by many avant-garde designers, and formed a unique home decoration style. So how to do restaurant wall painting?

Restaurant wall design principles

The restaurant is a place for family members to dine with friends and family, so the restaurant wall is the place that attracts people's attention. In the home-improvement design, the dining room wall has already become the “focus” of the design. From the DIY dining room wall to the restaurant wall wallpaper, the owner's personalized taste is reflected.

When decorating the wall of a restaurant, you should grasp the space from inside the building. In addition to the basic principles of the restaurant's overall design, the decoration of the restaurant wall should also pay attention to highlighting its own style. The atmosphere must be both beautiful and practical, and the color of the restaurant should not be blindly piled up. The restaurant is different from the other functions of the room, the decoration should be based on simple and bright.

In terms of space, if you have the conditions, using a space to make a restaurant is ideal, and it is also much more flexible in its arrangement. Putting up decorative cabinets or wine cabinets is a practical and artistic approach, which can achieve the function of storage display, and can also enhance the taste of space by exhibiting and the owner’s hobbies. For a small housing area, the dining room can be set in the kitchen. The hall or living room is properly partitioned with screens or plants to save space.

In general, the kitchen in the living room has more external balconies, so many people move the cooking appliances to the balcony and customize a row of cabinets on the side of the kitchen. The remaining space can be used as a simple restaurant. If the restaurant is small, a certain area of ​​Mirror can be properly installed on the wall to visually enlarge the space.

How to make a restaurant wall painting

1. Wall treatment: The primary treatment of the wall is more important. Generally, the painting on the wall of the latex paint is done. Therefore, the leveling of the wall, the brush primer, and the pattern planning must be prepared in advance.

2. Make a primer: If you don’t have a background in fine arts, you should draw a good manuscript on the wall. Use a pen to gently sketch out the outline of the draft. After you are satisfied, you can color it. Otherwise, it is not easy to modify.

3, with paint: control the pattern effect to buy paint, such as the effect of paint on the color mixing can not hold, do not rush to make decisions in the paint shop, you can bring the swatches or paint samples home, respectively, in natural light and night Observe the paint color under light. High-gloss paint will make the room look brighter, but it is also easy to highlight the shortcomings of the wall. If the wall is not flat, it is recommended to use plain paint. Paint must not be too thin, otherwise it will easily leave traces of the wall. Acrylic pigments can be tinted as needed and written with caution.

4. Prepare to paint: Spread the newspaper in front of the wall to be painted to avoid soiling the floor. When hand-painting a simple pattern of color, first draw a good outline on a thin, absorbent paper, then cut it off, place it in a corresponding position on the wall, and color it with the rubbing method. If you are afraid of breaking the wall, the most convenient method is to spray on the sticker. After the spray is finished, cut the picture down, and then stick the sticker on the wall. When painting acrylic paints, if you find something wrong, you can wipe it off with a wet rag.

5. Maintenance: Ventilate after painting and wait until the wall is dry before touching. Although acrylic paints are dry and waterproof, they cannot be scrubbed with water.

Wall painting notes

1. Learn how long a painter works in painting

This is an important point. The so-called XX Fine Arts School graduates. These titles can only show that they have received four years of training in painting knowledge at university. Painting is a process that requires talent and long-term hone. The birth of each artist is not only experienced. After years of training, long-term training in personalities and artistic tastes and techniques can show the dignified restraint in paintings.

To understand the artist's age of painting, generally speaking, the longer it takes to work, the better the experience and foundation, the higher the price will be in the same period of the previous year. If it is the owner with a high demand for painting, he will need to choose a portrait artist with a longer age to draw. .

2, understand the time required to draw the work

In simple patterns, the drawing of a small area can generally be completed in one to two days. However, if a delicate work can be completed in a short period of time, the degree of detail is not enough, and there is also a need to speed up the work process. The same deputy painting allows several painters to complete together. Such a situation has little effect on the pattern of simple types, but it is not sufficient for the drawing of a complete work, because the painting habits and styles of each painter are Differently, blindly letting multiple painters complete the same work together will reduce the unity of the work. Therefore, understanding the drawing time of a work can also balance the price.

3, not blindly greedy for cheap

The painting art needs to be integrated into the artist's great efforts. If the price of the wall painting is made into the price of painting the wall, then the wall painting finally only works for the brush wall, not to mention the drawing of the heart, the exquisite drawing, and the pursuit of cheap prices. The owners can choose the wall stickers to beautify and blindly choose the cheaper painting prices, so the quality will inevitably be greatly discounted. Wall-painting companies will also send painting skills to low-cost homeowners who require low transition rates and low wages. Interns to draw. How to distinguish the merits of wall painting

Editor's summary: The design principles of the restaurant wall, how to do the restaurant wall painting information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article helps everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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