Renovation of Frequently Asked Questions

70, Brother: Hello! My new house developer has installed PVC water pipes. I want to replace them with copper pipes. I wonder if it is necessary.
A: Are you sure you are a pvc pipe? I guess what you said should be a compound aluminum tube? Generally can not be replaced. However, if the use of harsh conditions, such as for hot water pipes, then consider replacing copper water pipes. Because of thermal expansion and contraction, it may cause the separation of water in the inner and outer layers of the composite aluminum tube.
However, if it is really just a PVC pipe, it must be replaced.

71, I want to use light blue tiles 10cm × 10cm, sanitary ware with white, this effect is good?
I can't find tiles of this size in Hangzhou. I wonder where?
A: 10x10 floor tiles are sold in many places. I'm not familiar with Hangzhou, but your color can be. 72, Yesterday, shopping, a solid wood floor boss introduced the double-mouth floor, said that you can not keel and nine PCT board, can be laid directly and compared to the single-mouth floor, not easy to arch. Because there is no need for ninety percent board, it is also bug-proof. Moreover, the dual-grade mouth can only require A-grade sheet.
It is expensive. Will the old fire and everyone, the dual-mouth floor really have these benefits?
Answer: Not so mysterious. I have tested this type of floor on the spot and I do not think it is any good. In addition, insects only bite logs and do not bite splints. Therefore, I do not want to use such materials at present.

73. Excuse me, I'm going to brush 1.8 meters of water on the wall of the bathroom (matte cement), but will it not be strong when I use it again? Any good ideas?
A: There will be no problem. If it is not stable, it is a problem for your decoration master. 74. I am now in Hunan. I have a friend who just turned in the room to decorate it, but others say that because it is a new house, there is still moisture on the walls. If the flooring or wardrobe is deformed, is this correct? In general, how long is it appropriate to make a room? I am eager to reply, thank you.
A: I like the old and new house decoration, have not seen any problems, perhaps because I do enough to prevent moisture, my floor and wardrobe parts have moisture treatment. In general, it takes 2-3 months or more for the walls to go from construction to delivery, and the walls should be dry.

74. The house I purchased was split-level, with three bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. The lower floor was guest, restaurant, deputy guard, and study. The upper floor was the bedroom and the main guard. The main guard is adjacent to the living room and shares a wall (approximately one meter in height). Therefore, the lower half of the wall adjacent to the main bathroom is the upper half of the main guard downstairs. So, how should waterproofing be done? Waterproof downstairs bathroom should pay attention to what?
Answer: The bottom layer can be waterproofed with silicone water repellent first, and then with 911 waterproof glue. In fact, the principle of waterproofing is the same as that of the leveling layer. The main focus is on the following: The waterproof layer on the upper layer should be raised to the top. The position of the wall should be increased waterproof.

75. The floor of my family is Betula virginiana. Nippon Super Beauty is selected for the paint. Nippon Service Center recommends not to accept putty, especially if it is not full. It is said that putty will have a negative effect and the paint may pick up putty from the plate. But my painter said that the floor should be full of putty. Due to careful consideration, I let them not putty. Now there is a problem. After two days of painting, after observing the light, there are noticeable marks on the floor of the grinding machine. The Nippon technicians have been seen. He said that the grinding machine did not play well. How many brushes can't cover the prints, and the only solution is to knock back the paint. Now I have decided to knock back again.
The question is whether the floor paint must be full of putty? If you do not approve of putty, how can you ensure that the above situation does not recur? How many sandpapers should be used for sanding at the beginning of the grinding machine. How many sandpapers should be used for fine grinding?
Another: The first grinding machine polished two times, a thick, a fine. The fine is 80 goals. There is another saying among painters that they are caused by different oil absorption rates. I think my family does not look like this. Will the oil absorption rate of the plates cause signs of printing?
I'm going to start again. Ask the expert to give me instructions.
A: 1) There is a problem with the floor of your home. The floor should be covered three times, with coarse sand, medium sand, and fine sand three times. If you paint with polished marks, then there is no doubt that the problem is polished.
2) Generally, the slatted putty of the plain board only needs to fill in the seam part. The decoration team said to be full, because they wanted to cover up the problem, and this will make the surface of the floor extremely vulnerable because the putty does not wear out.
Therefore, your home's floor problem should be held responsible for the decoration team.

76, ask: How long after the solid wood floor wax paint is better? Which kind of floor wax is better? Liquid, solid?
Answer: After the solid wood floor is cleaned after installation, liquid wax can be used. This is your own way. When to play when love hits. After 2-3 years, the surface finish will be greatly reduced. At that time, you can consider using solid wax. However, this painter has to do it. Generally, it is difficult for him to DIY.

77. The room I want to shop is a 109-square-foot building with dark light. Brick selection requires light color.
Experts say that the polishing is easily contaminated. This is what I am worried about. If you use a polishing machine with a price of about 20 yuan (such as a 33612 with a gold rudder), are you able to do anti-fouling treatment? Is the anti-fouling treatment finished once or is it frequently maintained and redone? Other materials of the floor tiles I also have several references, wear-resistant floor tiles: 600 * 600, we have here 9 yuan / block of Huaxinda represented, I feel afraid to use, there are good quality 13-18 yuan / Block, represented by Zhaofeng, Xinmei, I am more interested, just do not know what brand of this cost-effective product can be trusted, and then there is more than 30 yuan wear-resistant bricks, my financial capacity can not afford.
Granite: 600 x 600, 1.56 thick, model number is 635/square meter/65 yuan, 617/ square meter/ 62 yuan, 654/ square meter/ 58 yuan
Brothers and all the connoisseurs can choose according to my current economic ability, and can guarantee quality and achieve as good results as possible.
What I know is very limited, please recommend materials and methods. Thank you!
A: I still insist on the original opinion that cheaper polished tiles are better than glazed tiles (there are many types). Polished tiles have special antifouling agents. To be honest, ceramic tiles made in China have become increasingly shameful. Our Chinese translation is also translated as china. Ugh. So I'm not using polished domestic products.

78. Is it because of wood or varnish? Varnish due to the sun will turn yellow Which is better Thank you!
A: The first reason is that the manufacturers who manufacture eucalyptus need to make the plates look fine and the surface is bleached. So after the oil brush went up, the prototype was completely exposed. Due to the problem of light transmittance of the oil, the more the brush will be deeper, the more it will eventually turn into a reddish color.
The general polyester paint will turn yellow. Now there are some brands that will not turn yellow, but you have to check the manufacturer's statement.

79, to do two platforms, a level of 10CM high, 15CM higher on it again. Will the ground keel be strong? Is the top plane and façade still on the splint?
A: Use the 15 PCT board to play 100x100 squares. The facade can be closed with 9 PCT board. The plane can be 9 PCT or 12 PCT. The top surface is preferably a splint.

80, I want to find the floor without the keel. I do not know how to see a bamboo called "Fu Fu" brand.
In addition, is it appropriate to lay bamboo flooring in the north?
If the wood floor can be purchased without keel line is also OK. But I do not know where to buy? What is the opinion of the old fire on "no keel"? The price can be about how much. Thank you.
A: The floor I've paved has never been hit by a keel, but the floor is a must.

81. There is a wall between my restaurant and the kitchen. What should I pay attention to if I remove it for use as an open kitchen? I would like to draw Fang Zheng’s hall out of the dining room and paving the floor tiles, so what mix of kitchen tiles and restaurant floor tiles will be more harmonious and brighter? I make food is oily. Will it be contaminated in the living room? Thank you!
A: You have to cook the oil you want to use the open kitchen design, which is contrary to the design of the first principle: the first function, the second form. It is inevitable that this will cause pollution in other similar areas.
Remember, the above principle is a heaven-sent by designers all over the world.

82. The sound of the toilet plumbing of my toilet PVC is extremely loud. Every room is heard. How can we deal with noise?
A: Wrap up the tube. (You can use bricks or plywood, asbestos in the middle. Do not forget to use a plywood waterproof moisture treatment) (This article by the dragon reply)

83. People said that on the floor of the balcony, a pool with a height of about 40 cm was used to wash the mop. I was worried about the waterproof problem. Will this be old-fashioned? ? Ask the fire, thanks!
A: Wash the mop with a mop bucket on the line, there is no need to make a pool bar.

84. Can anyone tell me what kind of interior decoration software is best to use now? The little girl here thanks!
A: The construction drawing uses autocad and the rendering is 3dmax. Process pictures using photoshop. These three major items belong to the standard equipment of the indoor industry.
After the above three software skills, you can play the enemy. Other software can learn after learning the above.

85, 1) If the hot-water pipe is made of aluminum-plastic pipe, I heard that after a period of time due to heat expansion and shrinkage, it will cause gap leakage at the interface. How can this be solved?
2) Ask your old friend if your craft is to lay a layer of asphalt directly after the leveling of the ground, and then spread the laminate flooring on the asphalt? Will the asphalt be flat? Will it be a bit soft? If I fear that asphalt will taste, can I put a layer of moisture-proof plastic film on the asphalt? However, I was worried that after 7 or 8 years, the film would dissolve or become sticky with the asphalt. This question has been asked before, but it's not very specific, the details are still not clear, plus I'm so stupid, so I'm sorry to trouble you again. Thank you! !
3) Once someone downstairs asked if I could paint the asphalt again, I would also like to know if that DX helped answer it.
A: 1) Hot water pipes suggest that you use copper pipes.
2) What kind of composite wood flooring do you mean? If it is a laminate flooring, you can use a moisture-proof membrane instead of asphalt.
3) Bitumen above the need to re-apply hot brush can paint latex paint.

86. A few days ago TV did not remember to use these days to remember where to buy. Thank you.
A: There are many kinds of wireless switches: radio, voice-activated, know exactly which one, and it's not difficult to buy it. You can consult the lamps.

87, I seem to hear that there are gold xx dual-mouth floor from wax-free glue, do not have frame keel, this matter?
A: The design of the dual gear outlets certainly helps strengthen the firmness of the wooden flooring, but I have reservations about whether or not I am strong enough to use the backboard. In theory, most floors are free of wax and glue, and they don't know why they regard this universal thing as a feature.

88,1) What should be paid attention to when choosing shower room?
2) Which of the electricity and gas water heaters are worth buying?
3) Do copper pipes need to be coated?
A: 1) Pay attention to the material of the material. Some surface-painted substrates may be poor materials such as stainless iron.
2) It is recommended to use gas (natural gas) because it is safer than electricity.
3) The copper pipe can not be plasticized.

89, What kind of brand does the sanitary ware cost-effective have? Is it necessarily imported? What is good in domestic brands?
A: To distinguish between different types. The toilet is best imported, otherwise you will be dizzy with the domestic poor quality flushing equipment.
Other sanitary ware, domestic or imported, are not technically problematic, mainly due to differences in design/texture.

90. Now that the house is ready to be renovated, there are several problems:
1) How to effectively prevent ants? The ants here are not the ants that eat wood, but the brown ants that are common on the ground and under the trees. Last year my parents' house was renovated. The ants often appear in kitchens and restaurants.
2) When paving a wood floor, when does the ground brush better (relative to the overall renovation project)? Is it time to lay the floor before Mason? Does asphalt need to dry out? How long does it take to dry? Does the asphalt surface need to be kept clean?
3) Is artificial stone easily scratched? Leave a scratch? Is it waterproof? Is it easy to seep for a long time? (compared with natural)
4) How does the partition between the rooms make a good sound? The woodworking master said that there is no need to build a wall, what kind of board can be used, and space is saved. The mason said that it must build walls. The above questions are bothered by the fire or the masters.
A: 1. Go to the market to find a name called "XX chalk", I also forgot the specific name. The appearance is the same as our ordinary chalk, but it contains medicinal powder and it is used to draw a few lines on the path the ant passes. If there are several places, then there are several lines on the road where the ants of different nests pass.
Then you can ignore it. In a few days, this nest of ants will be completely extinct.
2. The timing of asphalt is before it is laid on the floor. Generally, it takes about 3 days to dry. Keep the original ground clean before brushing. After brushing, it is best to be clean. In fact, it is not technically harmful.
3. Both artificial stone and natural stone are less likely to seep, but natural stone has pores on the surface that can seep through the oil and make it look more oily. Of course, artificial stones are easy to scratch, but imports are easy to recover with sandpaper, and domestically produced artificial stones are not very good.
4. The effect of the red brick partition is certainly best, but now it is forbidden to use red bricks if you are high level. The woodworker should say light steel keel gypsum board. This board is also OK, but it must be filled with sound-absorbing cotton. Both occupy almost the same space.

91. Nowadays, there are many collective purchasing activities on the Internet. Can you join us?
A: Online collective procurement only emerged in 2002. The early launch was one of the decoration forums I managed, but I did not agree with this approach. On the one hand is the difference in shopping. On the other hand, the sponsor's motivation is not clear. And the price of collective procurement may not be very high. In the course of the operation, there have also been many unpleasant things. Even after the participation in the collective procurement, he is dissatisfied with the price and causes distrust to the sponsor. Of course, it does not rule out the existence of a trade-off problem. Therefore, this issue is hard to be quasi-problematic. I think it is a personal issue and one should think twice before proceeding.

92. Will the raw materials be used to seal the gas pipes?
Answer: In the south, raw materials are generally used. In the north, I saw that the workers authorized by the Pipeline Company used a tape.

93. The decoration of my home was shortly afterwards. A heavy rain fell some time ago and termites flocked. How do we do pest control?
A: This question says that complexity is complicated and that it is simple. The pest control is mainly concentrated in several ways:
1) Spray pest control water as much as possible during the renovation or afterwards. 2) Pure wood furniture purchased must be protected against pests. 3) In the spring and summer, when opening windows, it is best to have mosquito nets.
2) The problem of pest control is now mainly concentrated in the potion sector. Some companies use fake potions or reduced-dose potions to kill insects, and this problem is generally difficult for users to check. Therefore, I suggest to find the local epidemic prevention station prevention center or the trustworthy community management office.

94. My family wants to install a home theater. The decoration stage is now in the process of preparing the wall and the installation of the floor. I heard that there are active speakers and passive speakers. I really do not understand how these technologies should be handled. And you heroes help out
A: The speaker with its own power amplifier belongs to the active speaker. The speaker with no power amplifier is a passive speaker. We usually use a passive speaker, and the computer uses an active speaker. The audio cable should be laid before the floor is laid. The method is the same as that of the wire. You need to add the pipe, but do not run the pipe parallel to the wire.

95. The house is three bedrooms. When the developers handed over the floor, two network cable ports were left in the living room and the master bedroom. There are two problems:
First: The two mouths are said to be at the same time taking the network cable and the telephone line. So how do I separate the network cable from the phone line?
Second: The other two rooms also want to go online. How to take over? Is it from these two mouths? So how do you connect? Connect each color line together? Still want to come in from the outside?
A: The blue line is the telephone line, and the yellow and green line is the network line. For other rooms to access the Internet, you need to install hub and cable extensions.

96. Everyone, Master! Hello everyone! What is the difference between the construction process of the younger brother and the solid wood flooring? What are the special requirements for the plates? Please enlighten me. Thank you very much.
A: The real tatami is purchased from Japan. Of course, I think what you said is not the kind of tatami, but a platform. The method is very simple, using wood or 15 PCT boards made into a shelf, and then a layer of 15 centimeters above the heart. The material above is up to you, but you cannot use materials that require cement, such as ceramic tiles.

97, paint primer curing agent can be added? Main agent: Curing agent: Thinner indicated 2:1:2 Is it reasonable for workers to add only a small amount of curing agent? Thank you very much.
A: Curing agents and thinners should generally be used in accordance with the instructions for use. They may change slightly with seasons. Different brands, types of paint, the required proportion is different. If the proportion is too much, it will affect the paint finish.
Answer: After the curing agent is added, the general paint should be stirred and set aside for a certain period of time. However, if it is left for a long time, it is prone to problems. Curing agents and diluents should generally be used in accordance with the instructions for use, and may change slightly with seasons. Different brands, types of paint, the required proportion is different. If the proportion is too much, it will affect the paint finish. After the curing agent is added, the general paint should be stirred and left for a certain period of time, but it is prone to problems if it is left for a long time.

98. After installation of the security door, the gap between the security door and the wall is large. The master speaks about cement and will be cracked in the future. It is recommended to pack the door frame. I think the anti-theft door frame is very difficult to see. What other solution is there?
Answer: The slusher is lazy and drenches the original wall. He needs to put some broken bricks in the cement sand. Do not add too much cement on the surface of the cement sand. Add some ash (not gray powder). .

99. What should I do with the floor angle of the composite floor?
Answer: The floorboards of the composite floor are equipped with different types of floor boards, which are not the same as solid wood floors.

100, to ask you a question, I want to shop ceramic wear-resistant floor tiles, using dry shop method, shop floor tiles need to be flooded? How to dip?
A: The need to soak, so as not to bubble after soaking. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes.

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