QW mobile submersible sewage pump structure

QW mobile submersible sewage pump is suitable for urban sewage treatment plant drainage systems, air defense system drainage stations, waterworks waterworks, hospitals, hotels, sewage, municipal engineering construction sites and other fields, conveyor belt particles The sewage, dirt, can also be used for water and with corrosive media. Its structure mainly consists of signal lines, bearings, motor housing, impeller, pump body and other components, the following is a detailed description of QW mobile submersible sewage pump structure, as shown below: QW mobile submersible sewage pump structure expansion Read: China Construction Water Exhibition water pump manufacturers rankings ptc exhibition motor top ten brands pump valve pipe fittings Show Information Industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) http: //mj.liuti. cn / (Service Hotline:)

ABS plastic,full name acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene copolymer,

Acrylnitrile butadiene Styrene copolymer has a good thermal and dimensional stability and high impact strength(also at low temperature).It is strong,shows a good scratch resistance and has a good dimensional stability .ABS Plastic can be used in temperatures ranging from -50'C to +70'C .it mainly have ABS SHEET,ESD ABS SHEET,FIREPROOF OF ABS SHEET,ABS+PC SHEET.



ABS plastic according to impact strength can be divided into: ultra high impact type, high impact type, medium - resistant type and so on;

ABS plastic  can be divided into: injection, extrusion, pressure delay, vacuum and blow molding.

ABS plastic  can be divided into: general grade, heat resistance grade, plating grade, flame retardant grade, transparent grade, anti-static, extruding plate and pipe grade, etc.



1.Good mechanical strength, high impact strength

2.Resists scratching, Excellent abrasion resistance

3.Good electrical properties, moisture and creep resistance

3.High dimensional stability, good luster

4.Good chemical and stress cracking resistance to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis and many  acids(strong oxidizing acids is a exception).


1.Endurance in water ,endurance in corrosion of inorganic salt. But not endurance in organic solvent.

2.ABS Plastic is easily to cracked by the effects of the organic solvent.

3.Poor weather resistance, easily to change color and become brittle because of the sunlight.



1. Electronics & electric appliances: antenna socket, coil former, wiring board, convertor, speaker,connector, and other parts;

2. Food industry parts;

3. Building model, model mockup;

4. Electronic industrial parts, freezer and refrigeration industry;



1. ABS Plastic is strict requirements for flame retardant grade ABS to prevent the decomposition of flame retardants.

In the start of the power, the cartridge should be cleaned with general grade ABS plastic  and then processed.

(point to stop for more than 20 minutes before the downtime), on the one hand must cut cylinder temperature below 100 ℃, on the other hand must be emptying the material inside the cylinder, and general level ABS cleaning cylinder rear can stop.

The purpose is to make flame retardant ABS not decomposed.

2. The use of reworked material for primary or secondary sex thousand net, without impurities, no decomposition of ABS plastic  reworked material, can be used directly after crushing, also can mix with the new material, the mixing ratio is generally not more than 25% of the new material, so as not to affect performance.

For more than 5 times more than 5 times or adding the fresh material with colorant, generally not mixed with the new material, mainly to prevent the color difference.

ABS Plastic must be dried and processed in accordance with the regulations, whether it be separately regenerated or mixed with new materials.

Combustion characteristics


Specification: the diameter of the ABS Plastic rod can be produced from 2mm to 250mm. The conventional length is 1000mm, and the length is unlimited.

The thickness of ABS Plastic sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 1.9mm, the normal width is 600mm, the width cannot exceed 1200mm, the length is not limited.

The thickness of plate can be produced from 2mm to 180mm, the usual specification of 2-10mm is 1000mm* 2000mm, and the commonly used specification of 10-180mm is 600*1200mm. ABS Plastic can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited


Color: beige or  white, can also be made black and color, and the color order is 500KG.


Modified varieties:ABS Plastic can be added to the fiberglass, copper powder and molybdenum disulphide to enhance the bar.

Add antistatic agent to the permanent antistatic electric bar, and the volume resistance value is between 6 to 9 power of 10.

Add flame retardant to flame retardant rod from UL 94V-0 to HB flame retardant grade. Other modification requirements are customized according to customer's actual use.


Product certification: ABS Plastic  most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.

Abs Plastic Sheet

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