Qu Mei Zhao Ruihai: Will pay more attention to cooperation with domestic designers

On March 18th, the 33rd Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition opened. Qumei exhibited a number of award-winning design awards in the design gallery. Zhao Ruihai, chairman of Qumei, said in an interview that more and more Chinese designers will cooperate in the future, and specific cooperation projects are still under development. It is said that the new products will be available at the Shanghai exhibition in September this year. Zhao Ruihai believes that this is a good thing for Guangzhou Exhibition to move to Shanghai. Because it is internationally oriented and domestically oriented, this kind of complementarity will make the exhibition's advantages more obvious.

[Guest] Zhao Ruihai, Chairman of Qumei Furniture

[Time] March 18 afternoon

[Location] The 33rd Guangzhou Furniture Fair Sleeping Hall


Chen Xuejiao

[Reporter] Tell us about the participation of the design museum?

[Zhao Ruihai] This museum is very good, getting better and better, some products are really good, Xiaojie (famous furniture designer Zhu Xiaojie) has a good product, and several designers have exhibits. Not bad.

[Reporter] Can you see any trends or changes?

[Zhao Ruihai] I feel that the professional level has improved very quickly, from a design perspective. Another level of technology is not bad. There are many mature designers and mature enterprises exhibiting. It seems that the proportion of students is not large, the proportion of mature enterprises and professional designers is relatively large, and the level (design hall) is slowly progressing and progressing rapidly. Not necessarily all well-known (exhibitors), but I probably know one-third.

I think this is a particularly good trend. He will make the whole industry chain more perfect and drive the transformation and upgrading of the entire furniture industry. There are some common sense designs and some exploratory designs in a dedicated exhibition area. At the same time, they are promoting companies to buy designs and trade with designers. So there is a system of an industry like upstream, midstream and downstream.

There is such a special research design, there is promotion design, complete his manufacturing process. Some are his channel promotion. So this way he can make the designer professional, in order to transform our industry into design. Upgrade to a more culturally rich industry.

[Reporter] "Show for you" is the "Side Show" sponsored by the Beijing Furniture Industry Association and the Beijing brand. Qumei is an individual among the Beijing brands. What does this mean for enterprises?

[Zhao Ruihai] For the independent Beijing brand group, it is the first time to do such a concentrated promotion, because this is an exhibition promotion activity, actually he wants the real activity theme is May 28 in Beijing, Beijing. The Association organizes the Beijing brand and invites furniture cities, distributors, distributors, associations, and supply chains throughout the country to participate in the collective promotion of the Beijing brand.

Each brand has come up with some design products and some resources... In fact, he is an event for attracting investment, to enhance the influence of Beijing brand, expand brand channels, and enhance the power of “brand” – competitiveness in the entire sector. To do such an activity. So I think it is very good. For us, we must cooperate actively. It is also a major event for the Beijing brand. For our industry, it is completely worth recording.

[Reporter] Which product is exhibited in our design museum?

[Zhao Ruihai] is our IF award-winning product.

[Reporter] The IF Award is the "Oscar" for international industrial design. What do you think of the trend of Chinese design? Have we played a role as a pillar?

[Zhao Ruihai] I feel very good. I am seeing more and more talents. We will more and more combine Chinese design to create.

[Reporter] Can you give an example?

[Zhao Ruihai] I haven’t made it yet, and I’m not going to talk about it. But in this respect we seem to focus more on domestic designers. Obviously more cooperation than foreign designers, starting in the last one or two years. Domestic designers are growing very fast, with high efficiency and simple communication.

[Reporter] When will our new products come out the fastest?

[Zhao Ruihai] Shanghai exhibition in September this year.

[Reporter] Guangzhou exhibition will move to Shanghai. What kind of change means this?

[Zhao Ruihai] First of all, Guangzhou Exhibition, it is an industrial integration; it is a place where industry concentration is very high. Therefore, he gave birth to such a local exhibition, an opportunity to communicate with local distributors and expand channels, a very good resource platform.

So his history has been for many years. When there is a home industry enlightenment, it appears, has become a habit of the industry, or there are many dealers gathering here, once a year to communicate and communicate, so he has become a group of furniture people's habits. The main focus of this exhibition is China's sales channels. China's procurement suppliers have more communication and communication on this platform. Especially in terms of geography and geography, there are his advantages and differences. Here is the manufacturer. The distributors of the manufacturers will also focus on the annual meeting of the manufacturers. Therefore, the manufacturers push new products here, and carry out the booths and factories. Interaction, completion of customer reception, marketing organization, training, release... So it has become a place for large gas fields. For many years, it is a distribution center for Chinese furniture, a large platform.

This time I went to Shanghai because Hongqiao built a very large exhibition hall. Shanghai has always been positioned as an “exhibition-type” city, an economic city, and a national hub. Originally, the Shanghai Pavilion in September was an international exhibition with a relatively large customer base and more foreign buyers. Therefore, he also has an advantage in international exchanges. It is equal to the Shanghai Exhibition and the Guangzhou Exhibition. One is more focused on the international and the other on the domestic. Putting these two exhibitions together is a good thing for the industry, and one is that everyone provides more opportunities to domestic manufacturers. At concentrated time in concentrated locations. It is a very good thing to do such an exhibition in a city. A complementary thing, I don't think there is a direct conflict because the two customer groups are completely different. I think it is a good thing.


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