Points to note about doing monitoring projects

A security monitoring project, from start-up to acceptance, is a relatively long-term process. It not only has high requirements for technology, but also requires careful attention in many details. Here are some things to note:
1. The function that the customer does not require does not go to the customer. For example, if the customer does not require remote monitoring, do not tell the customer that this can be remote. This way you can't make more money, but you have to spend extra after-sales.
2, when the customer is more than the price, do not panic, the customer may say who the price of what price, you want to let customers understand that your goods are really good, not the same as theirs.
3, the line must be reserved for future maintenance, otherwise a connector is broken, you may not be able to connect.
4, waterproof must be done well, this is the top priority, if you can not do it, you may also let a joint run 20 kilometers.
5, can use the hard disk recorder not to use the capture card, otherwise there will be nothing to adjust the computer have to let you run a few miles.
6, the power is very important, do not save a few dollars to let you have nothing to climb the ladder to change the power.
7, the camera must choose a stable quality brand, I always believe a word, a few dollars is the price difference, but the difference of tens of dollars of products must be of poor quality.
8. The long-distance overhead line must be protected. The height and tensile strength must be considered.
9, ready to start to do network cameras, the simulation is about to withdraw from the historical stage, even if you install the simulation now, it is necessary to consider the network after installation.

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