Ornamental fish farming oxygenation system and the choice of oxygen pump

Ornamental fish aquaculture aeration system is mainly through the air compressor to feed compressed water to the body of water, the air was micro-foam state, prompting the oxygen dissolved in the total water, thereby improving the state of dissolved oxygen in water. Ornamental fish aquaculture aeration system and the choice of aeration pumps Most aquarium aeration equipment aerator using compressed air pump, divided into large and small. Large-scale aerator is usually driven by an internal combustion engine or motor pump, compressed air cylinder introduced. General small aquarium with 5 ~ 10W small aeration pump, gas volume of 7 ~ 15L / min, to meet the capacity of 120cm * 50cm * 50cm aquarium oxygen needs, but taking into account changes in the load of fish, nitrifying bacteria and night The needs of plant metabolism, hybrid aquaculture aquarium pump power to 2 to 3 times the wealth. Ordinary small air compression aerator is the use of an AC electromagnetic ring, when powered on with a pole driven with a vibrating rod, pressing the rubber bowl to produce compressed air. The outlet of the air is connected with a plastic tube. The end of the plastic tube has air bubbles that divide the air into fine water to increase the contact surface and increase the dissolved oxygen. When used by adjusting the number of bubble stone and water pressure to regulate the amount of gas. (Editor: Xiaoxia QQ:) Recommended reading: 2017 exhibition information

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Titanium Dioxide(TIO2)

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