Nine key points to determine the security performance of the security door

The reason why the security door is burglar-proof is because there are specific devices and structures that can resist abnormal opening of the outside world in a unit time. According to industry-recognized data, the main methods of thieves invading security doors are nothing more than three. The first is technical unlocking. The second type destroys the lock with sputum, smashing, rushing, topping, drilling, and violent means. The third type uses hydraulic tools, crowbars, etc. to find fulcrum tips.

The anti-theft performance of these devices and anti-theft door products is mainly reflected in nine aspects.

1 anti-theft lock lock core anti-technical opening ability part. The so-called tools used by thieves are essentially all kinds of small tools, with Kabbah guns, strong openers, etc. According to the different types of lock cylinders, the trials move the rotation to open the marbles and unlock them. The anti-theft doors with high safety factor are selected from B-class and super-B-class lock cylinders. These lock cylinders strengthen the difficulty of technical opening through special chutes, idling design, blade lock cores, double-parent beads and keyway locks.

2 anti-theft lock body structure part. The anti-theft lock equipped with a high safety factor has a certain thickness in the thickness of the lock body, the structure work, the anti-smashing force, the anti-smashing force and the anti-shock strength. The sub-lock has a self-locking device, an anti-off device, a lock cylinder and a shroud with certain anti-drilling capabilities.

3 The protective part around the anti-theft lock body. According to the requirements of the national standard, the security door with high safety factor should have a protective steel plate within a radius of 100 mm. The lock body is protected and not easily damaged.

4 security door process structure part. Most of the security doors with high safety factor use double hook process, ladder groove buckle structure, etc. The door leaf has higher strength, the anti-smashing point is longer than the lock, and the hinge side of the door leaf adopts the anti-slot fitting structure. Because the door leaf shift distance is very small, even if the lock is broken, it cannot be opened.

5 The thickness of the door leaf and the door frame material. The material thickness of the door frame and the facade of the security door with high safety factor meets the requirements of the national standard, and the overall rigidity is formed by the flexural coefficient of the steel material itself, the bending resistance and the like, and the external violence is prevented.

6 The clearance between the same door frame when the anti-theft door lock body is locked. The size of the punching hole on the door frame of the security door with high safety factor is closely matched with the hole of the door lock tongue, and the remaining position is small. Some of the type A security door is equipped with a ring lock large lock body, and the U-shaped card side lock body with hook When locked, the whole frame passes through the hook of the starter frame to form a four-dimensional closed loop. Even if the lock is damaged, it is buckled on the door frame, and the door leaf cannot be opened.

7 anti-theft door hinge type and installation reliability. The anti-theft door with high safety factor is equipped with a thickened widened hinge, which cooperates with the anti-snagging groove. When the door is twisted, it has a certain anti-squeezing force, and firmly supports the door leaf without deformation displacement.

8 deterrent to the anti-theft door active alarm device. The security door can only resist abnormal opening for a certain period of time. For example, the highest grade A is only 30 minutes. If the thief has sufficient time, ordinary hand tools can open the door. In order to achieve a higher level of theft, only use deterrence to make the thief unable to be bold and commit crimes. For example, the electronic alarm device used in the high-level commercial security door will issue a high-decibel alarm, or to the property management, 110 police platform, preset number, once the door is displaced by the door, before the arming signal is released. Send an alarm signal, etc. There is also an alarm lock, which emits a high-decibel alarm sound when an abnormal violent vibration is detected, forcing the thief to give up the crime. The high-temperature signal detecting device finds that the thief will start the alarm signal when it is cut by flame, and when the high-temperature torch is cut, such as non-hard violence.

9 The degree of stability between the door frame and the wall when the security door is installed. Most security door manufacturers will pay attention to the quality of the installation process. Because of the five-point product and five-point installation, the industry has always said that the security door installed is only a semi-finished product. Well-known security door manufacturers with the product to the user's warranty card and instructions are mandatory for the installation of cement.

Editor in charge: Xu Yuehua

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