Mahogany furniture has different styles and different placement techniques

The mahogany furniture is not only precious in materials, but also beautiful in appearance. Most of them are aromatic. Many varieties of mahogany have even good medicinal value. Therefore, mahogany furniture has won the favor of the nobles in ancient times. The combination of modern style mahogany furniture is much-loved, then, different styles of mahogany furniture, placed tips What is the difference? Here, go good home network Xiaobian favorite mahogany furniture, people explain in detail.


1, mahogany furniture style: two chairs a few

The two chairs in the mahogany furniture are very practical mahogany furniture, which can be well integrated into modern homes. Two chairs and a few can be placed in the living room, matched with a luxurious modern three-seat leather sofa, or placed in the study, blending with the book and tea. The two circle chairs are matched with a square table to reflect the beauty of the heaven and earth, the harmony of yin and yang.

2, mahogany furniture style: Arhat bed

The Arhat bed is a casual and solemn mahogany furniture. Placed in the living room, you can sit on the double seat, play chess, or replace the camphor bed, lying alone and enjoying a relaxing time.

3, mahogany furniture style: shelf, screen

The mahogany screen and the shelf are the best choice for the partition at home. The old-fashioned mahogany screen can be placed at the entrance to form a natural and chic porch, so that when you enter the door, you will feel the oriental elegance. The mahogany shelf can also be combined into a screen to divide the interior space with the old window panels.

4, mahogany furniture style: wardrobe, clothes box

The old-fashioned mahogany wardrobe and the box are beautifully decorated. In addition to the appreciation, the storage function is also very powerful. Placed in the bedroom can be used as both an ornament and a practical function.

5, mahogany furniture style: dinette

The beauty of the old mahogany furniture, the beauty is calm, so the whole set of large space will appear to be style, the average family, only need to buy one or two, the expensive touch. The dining table and chair is suitable for sitting in an elegant and small place for dining and tea. It is suitable for places like restaurants and tea rooms.

6, mahogany furniture style: the case, bookcase

The case (for the table) can be placed in the family collection; in addition to the collection itself, the bookcase can be enjoyed, the function of the bookcase has not changed. The case and bookcase are suitable for placement in the study and living room.

The above is the different styles of mahogany furniture provided by Xiaobian, how to put the relevant content, I hope to help you. For more information, please stay tuned for the tracking report of

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