Lushuihe plate cabinet how Lushuihe plate cabinet price

For Lushuihe plate cupboard cabinets, many consumers may know less, and do not know that Lushuihe plate cabinets are expensive, because the cabinets we contact are basically solid wood cabinets, paint cabinets, UV cabinets, etc. We have compiled and talked about Lushuihe plate cabinets and Lushuihe plate cabinet prices .

Lushuihe plate cabinet basic introduction

Lushuihe plate is the most influential plate in China and is produced by Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. The main raw material of Lushuihe plate is pine. Because of the single tree species, the stability of pine wood is also very good, so all the technical indicators of the plate are very good. However, due to the taste of pine wood, some of the plates have a pine taste.

Lushuihe plate has three specifications: 4*8 ft., 6*8 ft. and 7*9 ft., which fully meets the E1 standard. It is a 10-ring certified product.

Jilin Sengong Furniture has introduced the world's most advanced German Hammer heavy-duty electronic open saws, edge banding machines, blister machines, computer-controlled fully automatic CNC hole machining centers, fully automatic packet machine, special-shaped plate one-time forming processing center, etc. The world-class woodworking machinery and equipment production line has unique features for processing the “Lushuihe” sheet metal, and each factory sheet has reached various inspection indicators.

The above cabinets all use Jilin Forest Industry Lushuihe E1 green core moisture-proof board or with Logo board. The cabinet is surrounded by German imported 230 degree high temperature EVA hot melt adhesive PVC edge sealing, which can effectively seal formaldehyde and moisture-proof waterproof. The back panel adopts Jilin Sengong Lushuihe E1 homogenous double-edged particle board, which makes the cabinet more stable and more durable. The bottom of the sink cabinet is affixed with an entire sheet of aluminum foil to prevent the cabinet from being damaged due to water leakage from the sink.

Lushuihe plate cabinet prices

Lushuihe Crystal Steel Series LSH-JG-WK 3431 Yuan/Yanmi

Lushuihe UV paint series LSH-UV 2117 yuan / linear meter

Lushuihe Metallic Paint Series LSH-JSQ 2322 Yuan/Yanmi

Lushuihe solid wood series LSH-SM 4315 yuan / linear meter

Lushuihe suction molding series PVC-ZY 2336 yuan / linear meter

Lushuihe Double Finish Series LSH-SSM 1592 Yuan/Yanmi

Information about the price of Lushuihe plate cabinets was introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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