Keble smart lock features and installation instructions

The smart card series door lock is a high-tech series product launched by Keble Smart Lock. This series of smart locks uses a smart card with stable performance and superior functions as a key to open the door. It is a safe, reliable, highly efficient, energy saving, advanced technology and flexible operation. . Here's a look at the features and installation instructions of the Kebur Smart Lock.

Keble smart lock features

TM, IC, and RF card series intelligent door locks are independent intelligent door locks. They are composed of smart cards, intelligent door locks, and management software.


1, no external lines, no computer network, easy to install and use.

2. Microcomputers in the locks can intelligently identify and process various types of smart cards and complete corresponding tasks.

3. The door lock microcomputer can store the unlock record of the last 117 door locks, and can retrieve the door lock record of the door lock at any time through the data card.

4, Ke Boer intelligent lock cylinder adopts the international standard bolt structure, safe and reliable.

5, low power consumption, quiescent current can be ignored. Due to the unique low-power technology, this series of smart door locks adopts the world's No. 5 battery or No. 7 dry battery power supply, and can work continuously for more than one year under normal use.

6, smart alarm, when the user does not close the door or someone deliberately stuck the combination of latches latch, door locks will sound, light alarm, to remind the user to close the door.

7. The intelligent door lock can be set to the normally open state, which is convenient for meetings and assemblies, and can also be used for fire doors.

8, cash system backup program, Ke Boer smart lock system software and hardware can not be issued, through a special function card to create a temporary guest card for guests to use, to avoid causing inconvenience to guests and management confusion.

9, a wide range of applications, can be installed in the door thickness greater than or equal to 45mm wooden doors or metal doors.

Keble smart lock installation instructions

1, the installation of management system software

Double-click on the installation software on the CD-ROM, enter the installation interface, agree to the agreement, default or select the installation path, click "OK" to install the Kobre smart lock management system.


2, the reader installation

TM card reader installation: connect the reader to the serial port of the computer, and then connect the blue dot receiver to the TM card reader. The blue dot receiver has two TM card slots on it. Any one can be used, but Cannot use two at the same time.

IC card reader installation: the nine-pin serial port of the IC card reader is connected to the computer, and then connected to the power supply, a power switch next to the reader has a switch, red and green two indicator lights should be sent bright.

Installation of RF card reader: Connect the 9-pin serial cable of the RF card reader to the computer, and then connect the power supply. After the connection, the green indicator should light up.

The above is the summary of Koble smart lock features and installation instructions, if Koble smart lock users need to install, you can understand after the installation.

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