Integrated ceiling decoration notes Integrated ceiling decoration tips

Now, the integrated ceiling decoration is already part of the decoration in every home. The beautiful ceiling can make the whole home full of different tastes. If the color and location materials are used well in the design, it can create a harmony for the home. The artistic atmosphere. Today, Xiaobian referral Shao Jicheng ceiling decoration precautions, take a look at how to make the home more space gusto!

Integrated ceiling decoration tips

1, comparison

Contrast is a method of designing a ceiling. It contrasts two different elements and puts the two elements that are obviously in opposition in the same space. It is designed to make it contradictory and harmonious; it is both contradictory and uniform. Contrast the strong contrast and obtain the complementary and satisfying results.

2. Harmony

Harmony is very important. Under the style of decoration, the design of the ceiling should also be consistent with the design. Under the function of satisfying the space area, harmony and harmony are achieved. Harmony enables people to obtain a peaceful and peaceful satisfaction in the visual and psychological aspects.

3, color tone

The choice of color is also very important, and the difference in color gives a different feeling. For example, red orange yellow can give people a more warm feeling. Then cyan, green, this kind of color gives a cold, quiet feeling. In the interior design, various types of tones can be selected, and there are many kinds of tones, which can generally be classified as "same tone, same tone, adjacent tone, contrast tone", etc., and can be flexibly used according to different environments when used.

4, symmetrical

Symmetry is very traditional in design, so this method is also used in the design of ceilings. Symmetry can be absolute symmetry and relative symmetry. Symmetrically and vertically, symmetrically, homochromatically and homogenously symmetrically, it is called absolute symmetry; while in kitchens and bathroom ceilings, it is relatively symmetrical, and symmetry gives people the feeling of order, dignity, and neatness and harmony.

The above is the introduction of the integrated ceiling decoration notes and integrated ceiling decoration techniques, in the decoration design integrated ceiling can be in accordance with the above reference to the decoration, so that you can do better, I hope the introduction of Xiaobian You guys are helpful. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site. More exciting so stay tuned!

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