How to lay brick floor tiles

In the home improvement process, the selection of decoration materials should be carefully, and of course, bricks are no exception. Although wood flooring has developed rapidly in recent years, most users still choose paving tiles. So, how to spread the floor tiles ? What are the precautions for floor tiles? Due to the selection of different specifications of the ground, the way of laying is not the same, and different ways of laying will also affect the overall decoration effect. I will address these two questions and answer them one by one.

How to spread floor tiles

1, tile soak

How to shop floor tiles? The first step is to clean the tiles and soak them for more than 2 hours. Soaking is to allow the tiles to absorb enough moisture to prevent the adhesive from being deficient in moisture and affecting the firmness of the adhesive after the tile is finished. If there is insufficient moisture, emptying or falling off can easily occur.

2, set the auxiliary line

Before starting to lay the tiles, determine the horizontal line so that you can guarantee the flatness after laying the tiles.

3, set the support board

When laying floor tiles, the horizontal line is required as a criterion, which can support the tiles and prevent the tiles from shifting before reaching the adhesion strength.

4, according to the order posted

The paving of floor tiles generally starts from the edge of windows and doors, from top to bottom, from left to right. The specific paving method is: first leveling layer, use a shovel to put the adhesive on the back of the tile, and then paste the tile on the wall, then tap the tile with a shovel handle or a rubber hammer, so that the mortar fills the wall and the tile The gap between.

5, the mouth to align with the horizontal line

If not, adjust it by placing a small piece of wood under the tiles. After affixing one line, use a ruler to level it horizontally. The upper part is hammered with a hammer, and the undercut is filled again to ensure flushing. Adhesive materials should not be too thick or too thin, because too thick is not easy to spread, too thin, then sticky.

6, cleaning, maintenance

After the floor tiles are laid out, clean the surface of the stains and dust. If the surface contamination is severe, wipe it with a 10% solution of diluted hydrochloric acid and rinse it with tap water. After the glazed surface of the tile is cleaned, a thin brightener of Bailey Pearl can be coated on the surface of the tile and wiped with a soft cloth to keep the surface of the tile from being contaminated.

Second, floor tiles laying considerations

1, if the old house, then in the operation, we must first hair, and its concave degree ≮ 0.5mm, spacing 5cm, and then brush the paste again.

2. If there is a requirement for the slope of the drainage, then in operation, it is necessary to control the slope of the slope by pulling the wire.

3. Substrate acceptance: The surface shall be leveled with a 2m inspection rule. The deviation shall not be > 5mm, and the elevation deviation shall not be> 8mm.

4, in the selection of products, its specifications, colors to meet the requirements of the user, and the above can not be flawed.

Editor's summary: The above is about how to spread the floor tiles and the laying of floor tiles. When paving the floor tiles, you should understand the relevant points and learn some skills so as to achieve a multiplier effect and help us to better tile the floor tiles. The home is more tidy and beautiful.

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