How to design four decorative styles for TV wall

The design of the video wall is best able to be consistent with the style of the living room. Even if it is a mix and match, it will be natural. If the video wall is designed to be out of tune with the style of the living room, it will lose its aesthetic appearance. The color of the video wall should be soft and the lines should be simple. If the colors are too bright and the lines are too chaotic, staring at the TV wall for a long time will make the eyes tired. Then come along with Xiaobian to understand how the video wall is designed.

How neo-classical style of television wall design

This neo-classical style TV wall expresses an open and innovative attitude to life. In the choice of space colors, designers have simply designed and abandoned complex textures and decorations. The design of the video wall is relatively simple in comparison with other places in the space. It is paved with marble tiles to create a warm atmosphere.

How to Design a TV Wall in English Country Style

This English country style gives a sense of tranquility and comfort, emphasizing the idea of ​​returning to nature in design, and choosing elegant white and gray. This delicate and uniform tone makes the space exceptionally elegant and emphasizes the extensibility of the visual.

How to design modern style of video wall

This modern-style video wall expresses a stylish personality attitude and incorporates some popular creative elements. The idea is to use the concept of concatenation space around the line of motion, introducing natural light to enhance the spatial brightness.

How to Design a TV Wall in Scandinavian Style

The Nordic style TV wall creates a fresh and refreshing vision. The design of the TV wall is designed to meet the functional requirements. It has done a large-scale storage handling and brought a sense of visual extension. This refreshing TV wall design is Under the illumination of natural light, it presents a unique light and shade, with a quiet beauty in simplicity.

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TV wall living room TV wall video wall how to design

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