How to design and decorate a small house is not depressing 4 coupes allow you to avoid the smaller units installed more and smaller

We often see such posts on the Internet: Some netizens bought a small house, and found that the height of the house was even lower when they picked up the house. After the house is finished, it looks more depressing. In fact, this is something that we often encounter in our home improvement. This is often caused by improper design. How is the design and decoration of a small house not depressing ? Today Xiao Bian came to us for a few strokes. Let's learn about it together!

How to design a small house is not suppressed 1---- not to ceiling

For a room with a small space, it is recommended not to ceiling. Perhaps some people do not want to make the room look too monotonous, will choose a partial decoration, but this is not only expensive, but also easy to counterproductive, not as beautiful for the ceiling lamp To decorate.

How to design a small house is not repressed 2---- brush half-wall

Half-wall refers to the wall divided into two, respectively brushed with different colors of wall paint. As shown in Figure 2, the lower part is dark and the upper part is light. This level of connection can stretch our visual effects.

How to design a small house is not suppressed 3----Vertical stripes jewelry

We all know that fat people wearing vertical stripes can achieve a slimming effect, and the same is true at home. Vertically striped wallpaper on the wall can achieve the effect of stretching the visual space, or you can choose vertical stripe decorations.

How to design a small house is not constrained 4---- small furniture

For a room with a small space, such as sofas, coffee tables, etc., must avoid the selection of a broad shape, and the light colors of the small furniture will be more appropriate, and you can choose to store powerful furniture.

Xiao Bian's words: Since its area is not large, we should try to reduce those designs that will affect the height and width of the house. Apart from the points mentioned above, there is one point to note when we select furniture. Do not choose large and plump furniture. It should be small and flexible. The above is the small house and everyone to explain the small house how to design decoration is not suppressed knowledge, and hope to give you some reference!

How to decorate a small house is not suppressed

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