How does Lin's Wood O2O Furniture Experience Hall break through?

According to a report by the USA Today Furniture Magazine, the total sales of the top 30 online furniture retailers in the United States in 2013 exceeded $80 billion. According to comScore, an Internet traffic statistics company, the online sales of American furniture has been growing since 2010, reaching $92 billion last year, accounting for 3.9% of total furniture sales in 2013. In contrast, according to the statistics of the Speed ​​Map Institute, in 2013, China's home furnishing market has an offline scale of 1.8 trillion yuan, and the online scale is 70 billion yuan, accounting for about 3.9%.

Zhu Changling, president of the China Furniture Association, once said that “When B2B, B2C, C2C and other e-commerce business models are maturing, consumers are increasingly demanding experience, service and integrity. O2O online orders, offline The mode of experience makes up for the shortcomings of e-commerce. It is based on service marketing, opening up markets for the majority of businesses, increasing profits, and bringing more convenience and benefits to consumers. If you simply rely on online or offline The single sales, this certainly can't go very far, so the combination of online and offline, this model is the ultimate model of our entire home industry."

Understand that on August 23, 2014, Lin's first O2O furniture experience hall will be successfully held in Foshan. Then, on the increasingly competitive furniture e-commerce 020 platform, what should Lin's wood industry do to break through?

Does the O2O Furniture Experience Hall have a national layout?

How many consumers can an online experience hall cover? How many chances does the customer who lives in Beijing feel the price of Foshan to inspect the goods? If it cannot be effectively and rationally planned, then the traditional furniture company will rectify the offline store, the auxiliary line. What is the difference between e-commerce stores? Let's take a look at Melaleuca. In April 2011, the first home experience museum of Melody Furniture Network opened in Chengdu, and it was the first in the country to realize the online “Mele Music Furniture Network”. The "dual platform O2O" business model based on the offline "Melile Experience Pavilion". Up to now, Melaleu has opened more than 300 experience halls across the country, covering nearly 200 large and medium-sized cities across the country. Does Lin's Wood 020 Furniture Experience Hall have to catch up with this number?

Regarding the layout of the store, Wang Xingang, the chairman of Yuanmei Home, gave the suggestion of “Dacheng small shop, small shop, small shop, and rural independence”. Although Lin is an online furniture brand, it does not necessarily need such a dense terminal. However, the experience hall is set up in a relatively independent area, and the use is more than just inspection. So naturally lead to the second point.

Are after-sales and logistics self-built?

In December 2013, Melody's “Limited Time” service was officially launched. The service area covers nearly 100 cities across the country and is backed by Melaleuca Furniture Network Building Materials City. Melaleuca has established 14 large warehouses nationwide to enhance its supply capacity to the Southwest, North China and Central Plains regions. Also this year, the big brother of the express delivery industry, Shunfeng, announced the opening of 518 offline online shopping service community stores in the country - "hacker", layout O2O. It is reported that more than 3,000 will be laid out across the country, and 30,000 will be laid in the future. Leverage your own strong logistics network, and manage your own 020 side business. As the manufacturing industry does 020, do you feel some pressure?

At the end of April 2013, Suning Tesco began piloting the “Suning Tesco Comprehensive Service Zone” in some physical stores in first-tier cities such as North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It mainly provides four major services: commodity self-raising, commodity return, commodity maintenance consulting and value-added services. To build a complete Suning after-sales service chain. At present, both Suning Tesco and offline physical stores share the back-end warehouse in logistics, sharing the logistics built by Suning Yunshang.

In contrast, Lin's wood industry has only laid out a channel for Tmall. Since 2011, we have worked with some local service providers to solve the problem of distribution and installation. Now we still use the third-party service providers nationwide to provide distribution and installation after-sales service in more than 500 regions across the country. It is said that asking for people is better than asking for help. Will Lin's wood industry continue to rely on third-party services or self-built teams in the future?

After Suning opened up the “online and offline” price, it actively guided consumers to pay attention to the comprehensive value of goods rather than price and promotion. This will subvert the consumer psychology that consumers think online must be cheaper than physical stores. So let's talk about the price system.

Is the online and offline the same price?

The cost of promoting Merlot's physical store rentals is around 12%, which is about 30% lower than the 40% of traditional stores. Melaleuca believes that the Melaleuca 020 model combines “parity” with “experience”. It retains the “net price” feature of furniture prices of only 1/2 to 1/5 of large stores, while consumers can also I went to the local experience hall to see the goods and went to the site to inspect the quality of the furniture.

According to a report by the USA Today Furniture Magazine, the total sales of the top 30 online furniture retailers in the United States in 2013 exceeded $80 billion. According to comScore, an Internet traffic statistics company, the online sales of American furniture has been growing since 2010.

In the interview with a certain media, Ma Canxing, the general manager of Lin's Wood Industry, said: As long as the products sold by Lin's Wood Industry want to be an open and transparent price system, consumers can compare the same brand or different brands online. Lin's wood industry only guarantees that when consumers choose to get it, they can get better discounts. As for the promotion of deliberately pulling up the online price, this is not the style of Lin's wood industry.

Therefore, the Lin's Wood O2O Furniture Experience Hall officially opened, and consumers who are interested may wish to compare prices on the spot.

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