Furniture CBD hand in hand Hankou North logistics company logistics costs are expected to reduce by 30%

China Furniture CBD and Hankou North Logistics have always been a shortcoming for many merchants. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China Furniture CBD Merchants Logistics Symposium that the two major logistics companies have joined forces to change the history of the Chinese furniture CBD2000 multi-family business to go to Qingshan and Wujiashan, which can be delivered within 24 hours. The goods are on the door, and the logistics cost is expected to drop by more than 30%. The public is expected to buy more affordable furniture. Du Hongsen, general manager of China Furniture CBD Logistics Department, said that according to international practice, logistics costs account for 3% of total costs, while Chinese furniture CBD merchants currently reach 7%-8%, which is very stressful on merchant costs. According to an interview with the reporter, it was learned that the original Chinese CBD merchants had to go to the peaceful world and other places to deliver goods to the world. The cost was high and the delivery time could not be guaranteed. The business has always been a headache. Last year, China CBD made a logistics cost survey. Many merchants only had a logistics fee of tens of thousands of yuan a year during the peak season. Yesterday, Wuhan Gesheng Express Logistics Co., Ltd. and Hubei Aite Fangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony. Wuhan Gesheng Logistics relied on its own merchant resources to cooperate with Aifangyuan Logistics in the fully covered logistics network in Henan and Hubei provinces. The status quo of China Furniture CBD and Hankou North Logistics Short Board will be changed, so that the logistics cost of merchants is expected to save 30%. “Chinese furniture CBD merchants account for nearly half of the business outside Wuhan. However, logistics costs account for 70% of merchant profits. By combining two large logistics companies, it can effectively reduce the logistics cost of merchants. At the same time, for consumers, Furniture products also have a certain price reduction space.” Yu Hua, chairman of Hubei Aite Fangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., said that the original consumers bought a 2,000-yuan bed, and the merchants sent to Huangshi, which required 160 yuan of logistics costs, and the merchants had to bear high logistics costs. It is impossible to reduce the price, but now the logistics cost can be reduced to about 100 yuan. For the merchants, the product price reduction space still exists.

Product advantages:

1. 100% fresh aluminum alloy 6063-T5, iron containing is less than 2% , sturdy and durable, full thickness 3.0mm.


2. 3 layer PVDF color coating, thickness more than 80 microns, excellent weather resistance, never fade,More upscale appearance.

3. 100% fresh virgin Bayer Polycarbonate Sheet, 30-50 micron anti-UV coating, can withstand 75% ultraviolet light, impact strength is 300 times that of ordinary glass, 10 years warranty.


4. The motor adopts the domestic leading brand and is guaranteed for 10 years.

5. Rugged and novel internal design, 3.0mm thick aluminum alloy profile, 4-10mm high strength impact resistant endurance board, can withstand snow loads of 30 to 45 cm.


6. High anti-aluminum structure provides maximum safety even in strong winds (strongest 12 winds) (34m / s strong wind).

Novel structure and easy installation

7. Packaging, protecting the product during shipping and making it easier to install.

Polycarbonate Carport

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