Four diseases that cause severe defoliation of pepper

The peppers caused a lot of defoliation due to infection, and when the leaves were severe, the leaves of the whole plant were stripped into bald branches. Without leaves, photosynthesis could not be carried out, and the plants eventually died and died, resulting in severe yield reduction.


[Pepper leaf blight]


The biggest feature of the disease is that it develops from the bottom to the top. The lesions are grayish white with perforations in the middle. At the end of the disease, the bottom of the stalk is shaken by hand, and the leaves "å“—å“—" fall and become "light pole commander." In the prevention and treatment of this disease, it is recommended to spray 10% diphenyleconazole 1500 times solution + 20% thiabendazole 600 times solution, or 20% crown green ( prochlorazin + copper rosinate ) 800 times solution.


[Pepper bacterial leaf spot]


The disease occurred more frequently in the near term, mainly in the upper leaves. At the beginning of the disease, the leaves showed yellow-green water-soaked spots, and the lesions became rust-colored at the beginning of the disease, and the skin was scarred due to the loss of the mesophyll. The disease develops rapidly under high temperature and high humidity environment, and the deciduous leaves are serious in the late stage. The vegetable farmers in Qingzhou area of ​​Shandong Province commonly call the disease "bacterial yellow shoots". Spray 2% of added rice ( Calariamycin ) 600 times solution + 72% of agricultural streptomycin 4000 times solution, or 20% of leaf cumin 1000 times solution, or 33.5% of net fruit essence ( quinatic) Copper porphyrin ) 750 times solution.


[Pepper powdery mildew]


Powdery mildew is easier to identify, and white powder spots are produced on the leaves at the time of onset. Later, it develops into large patches of powder, which fills the entire leaves, causing serious defoliation of the plants. To prevent or treat the disease, spray 25% acetaminophen 1000 times solution or 30% ether oxystrobin water 1000-1500 times solution.


[Chilli white star disease]


The main point of identification of the disease is that the lesions on the leaves are nearly circular, white dots, and appear like scattered white stars, causing a large number of fallen leaves in the later stages of the disease. To prevent and treat the disease, spray 12% of copper rosinate emulsifiable concentrate 500 times solution or 14% of lycopene copper hydrating agent 300 times solution.




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