Five sets of aesthetic fresh kitchen tiles texture appreciation

The kitchen is a clean and tidy place. When you decorate the kitchen, you can look more at the kitchen floor tiles, which can help you find inspiration to design a different kitchen style. In this small series for everyone to introduce five sets of aesthetic fresh kitchen tile texture appreciation.

A beautiful fresh kitchen tiles to appreciate one:

In the kitchen space, people often keep their eyes on the cabinets. In fact, the wall tiles in the kitchen are equally important. The kitchen is a place for cooking food for the family. Usually it is necessary to deal with rice, salt and vinegar. Therefore, the requirements for the tile materials are also higher. The kitchen tiles should not be too smooth nor too rough. Too smooth bricks are more dangerous once they are sprinkled with water, especially in rooms where children and the elderly live. The kitchen room is also not suitable for non-slip floor tiles with bumps on the surface because the spilled residue is not easy to clean. At present, the kitchen floor tiles are usually made of clay fired glazed tiles.

Aesthetic fresh kitchen tile texture appreciation II:

The clean white makes for a not-so-spacious kitchen tile texture. Wall tiles and floor tiles use glazed tiles of the same color, so overall the space is small but inconspicuous. Put a few colorful fruit baskets or small decorations on the console to highlight the overall clean and refreshing environment. Kitchen tiles should not be mixed. Because the wall tiles are pottery products and the tiles are porcelain products, the water absorption rate is different, so they cannot be mixed. In general, the kitchen space is relatively small and the net area is relatively small. In order to avoid waste and maintain spatial coordination, tiles with small specifications should be selected, which can avoid the inconvenience brought by large-size tile cutting and reduce waste.

Aesthetic fresh kitchen tile texture appreciation three:

The cleanliness is the most important in the kitchen room. Oily dirt stays on the table for a long time and becomes a nail house. A large window is also very important. Keeping ventilation can allow the fumes to dissipate as soon as possible. It is also a good choice to occasionally take a break through the windows to admire the scenery. The operating environment of the kitchen tile mapping is a high-temperature environment, and the tile color should be mainly light and cool, such as white, light green, light gray, and the like. Avoid the use of tile waistline, because the narrow space use of the waist line will make the space appear cluttered and cumbersome, but can be appropriately decorated with a few flowers to embellish, making the kitchen reveal a few vitality and romance.

Aesthetic fresh kitchen tile texture appreciation four:

The wall of the kitchen is generally made of light-colored wall tiles, because the kitchen gives people a feeling of cleanliness, cleanliness, relaxation, and pleasure. Too dark colors will appear somewhat repressed. The open-plan kitchen floor tiles should consider the unity of the living room. At this time, care should be taken to avoid overly complicated designs and excessive colors, and to extract the main color or style decoration.

Aesthetic fresh kitchen tiles appreciate five:

The current specifications of the kitchen floor tiles are mainly 300X300 and 330X330. The specifications should not be too large. The ground floor is too big to level, and the floor drain is not good. Material is best to use matt non-slip glazed tiles to prevent the kitchen soup water to make the ground slippery, accidentally safe as a problem. Therefore, it is the first place to choose non-slip floor tiles. If you consider using matt as a kitchen wall tile texture map, it is best to use a flat surface, do not use those who have a sense of concavity, mainly inconvenient to scrub.

Editor's summary: About the five beautiful aesthetic kitchen tile texture appreciation is introduced here. For more information, you can follow this site information.

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