Explosion-proof box safety precautions

Explosion-proof electrical safety instructions <br> <br> box Shuihuowuqing the saying goes, water and fire are able to look to the substance; however, it is also another kind of power do not see the ruthless; electricity is closely related to our life and industrial production. Correct safety of electricity is the primary precondition for safeguarding our lives and property.

For explosion-proof electrical boxes that work in dangerous places, there are certain strict requirements for safe electricity use. What protections are there for the safe operation of explosion-proof boxes? The following is a brief explanation of Shunxin's explosion-proof electric series. 1. Distribution at all levels Box and switch box cabinet installation and internal settings must comply with the relevant provisions, the electrical box must be reliable and intact, its selection, set value to meet the requirements, switch electrical appliances should be marked use, and draw a wiring diagram in the front door of the electrical box 2. The electrical engineering and technical personnel are responsible for the management, clarify the responsibilities, and establish an electrician duty room and power distribution room, determine the electrical maintenance and on-duty personnel, and determine the person responsible for the repair and maintenance of the various distribution boxes and switches on the site. 3. Safety of explosion-proof boxes The independent distribution system must adopt the three-phase and five-wire zero protection system according to the ministerial specification. The non-independent system can adopt the corresponding zero or ground protection method according to the actual situation on the site. The metal shells, metal supports and bases of all kinds of electrical equipment and power construction machinery must be reliably connected to zero or grounded as required.

4. The temporary power supply facilities and equipment on the construction site must use qualified products from regular manufacturers. It is forbidden to use counterfeit and inferior products. Safe electrical products must be certified by a national-level professional testing agency 5. Lightning devices must be installed in accordance with regulations on site metal structures and various tall facilities 6. Explosion-proof electrical boxes All types of distribution boxes and switch boxes should be complete, solid, and waterproof , dust, explosion-proof box safety body should be painted on the color standard, uniform number, no debris in the box. Discontinued distribution box should be cut off the power supply and the door locked. Fixed distribution box should be fenced, and there are waterproof measures.

7. When overhauling all types of explosion-proof box safety, switch boxes, electrical equipment and power construction equipment, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, remove the electrical connections and hang warning signs. During commissioning and commissioning, the operating procedures and special supervision should be established. 8. When using zero-crossing or grounding protection methods, leakage protection devices must be installed step by step to protect them in stages and form a complete protection system. Leakage protection device selection should be in line with the provisions of 9. Explosion-proof electrical box electricity need to be careful operation on the scene, for the operating staff in a dangerous place need to wear anti-static protective clothing, in order to avoid static interference.

Explosion-proof electric box safe electricity, all levels of distribution box, switch box box installation and internal settings must comply with the relevant provisions, the electrical box must be reliable and intact, its selection, set value to meet the requirements, switch electrical appliances should indicate the use, A wiring diagram is drawn in the front door of the electrical box.

The construction unit and the installation electrician pay attention to the above points of operation to ensure that the explosion-proof box is used normally.

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