Exhaust fume pipes directly discharged outside the window

For a residential area where urban residents are concentrated, it is necessary to clear the pipelines for exhaust fumes, and direct discharge methods outside the windows must not be adopted.
In this way, although the kitchen fume from his home was taken out of the house at the time, the consequences were rather serious, because the original building flue was sucked into the top of the building and quickly distributed under the influence of wind and pressure. It will not cause major harm to human health.
However, if the method of emission outside the window is adopted, on the one hand, a large amount of harmful gases and soot will be trapped in the air between the buildings, polluting the outdoor air of the community.
On the other hand, part of the harmful gases will flow from the windows to the neighbours and their own rooms with air currents and wind, causing indoor air pollution.


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How to install fume pipe installation

As we all know, the kitchen is the most provoked place. Everyone will install a range hood at home, so when cooking, it will not be snuffed. The flue has also become an indispensable decoration device in large-scale kitchen equipment. Its function is to discharge fumes through the flue. So what is the installation method of soot piping? What should you pay attention to when installing? Let's take a look at the installation of smoke pipes.

2016-01-31 15:58:49
How to clean fume pipes to eliminate safety hazards

Hoods are the cleansing guards in our kitchens and have become an essential kitchen tool for modern families. However, even the best tools must be cleaned and cleaned. If not, for a long time, it will not only affect the environmental hygiene of the kitchen caused by grease, but also It will also affect the use of hoods so that smoke is not easily ruled out. Not only does the hood need to be cleaned up, it is also a troublesome thing to block the soot pipes. The pipes block the fumes in the kitchen everywhere. So, how to clean the soot pipeline has any method, the following by Xiao Bian for everyone to see it.

2015-11-06 16:19:50
Rainy season decoration to prevent indoor pollution

The materials used in the renovation will emit some harmful gases. Therefore, the construction must pay attention to window ventilation, but in the rainy season, not only no wind, but also low pressure, humid air, poor ventilation effect, therefore, the problem of air pollution during the rainy season decoration should be caused Emphasis

2009-04-23 09:17:54
Correct understanding of the use of range hood kitchen fumes

Annoying fumes are an invisible killer in the kitchen. It erodes the beautiful face, destroys the healthy body and makes the cook hate it. In order to solve the oil fume, major kitchen appliance manufacturers have also made great efforts. Various kinds of hoods are emerging one after another. But if you don't know enough about the hood and don't know how to use it properly, the fumes will still spread, so now we need to get acquainted with it.

2011-10-30 21:41:08
Dust blower working principle Dust blower features

The tool for gas compression and gas transmission is called a fan, which generally includes a fan, a blower, and a wind generator. Dust blowers mainly use two methods to absorb dust or harmful gases into the dust collector for purification or treatment. First, the absorption method is the adsorption method, which is the main function of the dust removal fan in the ventilation system.

2016-03-15 16:21:01
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