Emperor Zheng Hongxin: 2012 is the year of the transformation of China's furniture industry

2012 is a year of change and the uncertainties. For the home industry, 2012 is a year of great change that is full of uncertainties. In 2012, we felt that the Chinese home furnishing industry, which has been deposited for more than 30 years, is experiencing tremendous changes in industry and market competition. Some even predict that this great change will decisively shape the basic form of the Chinese home furnishing industry in the next 10 or even 20 years. It is also the final decision on who will be in the Chinese home furnishing industry. Change is passed, and the general rule is long. Following the 2011 “10 Years of Change”, we will set sail again at the Nansha Yacht Club in Guangzhou, specializing in the “Residents and Freshmen – 2012 China Home Furnishing Summit and Home Brand TOP10 Awards Ceremony”, with excellent domestic homes. The leaders gathered together to talk about home and seek new life. [Interview time]: October 26, 2012 [Interview location]: 2012 China Home Leaders Summit [Interview]: Zheng Hongxin, Chairman of Dihao Home [Reporter]: Thank you, Zheng, for attending this summit. If you want to use a word to describe this year's home industry, what words would you choose? [Zheng Hongxin]: I think that 2012 is a process of transformation. If you want to use a word to describe it, it is "degeneration." [Reporter]: In your mind, what is the process of "transmutation". [Zheng Hongxin]: After so many years of reform and opening up in China, it has encountered a global economic downturn, and all industries have been in a cold situation. As a downstream industry of real estate, furniture companies have also been greatly affected. In such a big trend, there will definitely be a big wave of sand washing. The so-called transformation is that in such a situation, we must find our own position, stand on the heels, change ourselves, and change the future. [Reporter]: We know that there are many new changes in the Emperor's Standard this year. So, have these measures achieved the effect you expected so far? [Zheng Hongxin]: I still have the effect I want to achieve. The development of the furniture industry to the present, enterprises must have new ideas and new initiatives, constantly adapt to development, change themselves, so that their own enterprises can rise rapidly. [Reporter]: The store is getting stronger and stronger, and the output of dealers' single store is declining, which leads to the current imbalance in the furniture industry. What do you think the company should do in this situation? [Zheng Hongxin]: The original furniture industry is an extensive industry. In the future, it is more important to do fine and fine work. The three points are still very good. [Reporter]: When do you expect the furniture industry to usher in a new spring? [Zheng Hongxin]: Three years. [Reporter]: Thank you, Mr. Zheng.

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