Electric wire tube

Wire specifications and their respective use:

The wires used in home improvement are generally single-stranded copper wires. The cross-sectional area mainly includes three sizes, 4.0 mm2, 2.5 mm2, and 1.5 mm2. There are also 6.0mm2 specifications, mainly used to enter the main line, almost no or very little amount of home improvement, generally not included in the scope of home-use circuit lines.

4.0mm2 single-stranded copper core wire is used for circuit main lines and special lines for air conditioners, electric water heaters, etc., 2.5mm2 size single stranded copper core wire sockets and part branch wires, 1.5mm2 size single stranded copper core wire for lamps and switch wires The ground wire in the circuit generally uses 1.5mm2 single-strand copper wire.

In addition, we must use telephone lines, television lines, network cables, and audio cables in our home improvement. These lines are all within the scope of a dedicated line. The specifications are relatively uniform, but there are some differences in quality. It is recommended that you choose better quality when you purchase. It is appropriate.

How to distinguish the merits of wires when buying:

1. Look at the printed words on labels and insulating covers. If there are typos or printing shades and the words are fuzzy, you must pay attention.

2, rubbing the insulation skin with your fingers, some poor quality insulated wire skin is easy to fade, especially the red line will appear this problem, after rubbing fingers left on the skin color or printed on the skin of the word is rubbed off It is generally a poor quality line.

3, with a fingernail, an insulative insulative skin, can draw down, pull down a piece of general inferior line.

4, repeatedly bending insulated wire, poor quality of the general poor insulation material, bending 3 to 4 times after the insulation layer will break.

5, ignite the insulating layer, after leaving the open flame can spontaneous combustion is a poor quality line.

6, the core is commonly used in aluminum and copper, look at the color of the core, inferior color gray and no metallic luster.

7, if the above six methods can not be determined, you can also measure the diameter of the outer diameter of the insulated wire and core diameter, the allowable error is ± 10%, if the measured value exceeds the allowable error, basically a poor quality insulated wire.

8, in addition, the color of the wire should also pay attention to the wiring line is generally selected green and yellow color line, then switch line (FireWire) with red, white, black, purple, any one, but in the same home improvement project with the color of the line Use should be consistent.

Threading pipe selection:

The flame-retardant PVC line pipe is used for the threading pipe. The surface of the pipe wall should be smooth, and the wall thickness must reach the strength that the finger does not break. It should have a certificate of conformity. It is also possible to use a special galvanized tube of the national standard as a threading tube.

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