Double suction centrifugal pump structural features and main purposes

Double suction centrifugal pump for conveying water or other physical and chemical properties similar to water, according to user needs, by changing the pump structure and material can be used to transport more muddy water or various corrosive liquids, the series pumps for factories, mines, Urban water supply and drainage, power plants, farmland irrigation and drainage and various water conservancy projects. Structural characteristics and main purposes of double suction centrifugal pump (A) The structural features of double suction centrifugal pump 1. Compact structure Beautiful appearance, good stability, easy to install. 2. Smooth and optimized design of the double-suction impeller to minimize the axial force, and has excellent hydraulic performance of the leaf, and after precision casting, pump housing and impeller surface of the inner surface is extremely smooth and has significant anti-cavitation And high efficiency. 3 bearings to ensure smooth operation, low noise, long service life. 4. Seal selection mechanical seal or packing seal. 8000 hours to ensure operation without leakage. 5. Installation form Assembly without adjustment, according to the site conditions. Discrete or horizontal installation. 6. The installation of self-priming device, can automatically absorb water, that is, without the need to install the end of the valve, no vacuum pump, without intrusion, the pump can start. (B) The main purpose of double suction centrifugal pump for factories, mines, urban water supply, power plants, farmland irrigation and drainage and various water conservancy projects. Widely used in urban water supply and drainage, urban water supply; central heating system to the drainage; iron and steel metallurgical enterprises, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, thermal power plants, power stations and other water supply and drainage; commercial buildings, factories, mines and other fire fighting systems water supply and air conditioning systems Water supply; farmland drainage and irrigation and various water conservancy projects. Asia Fluid Network () Editor: Huang Nengwen, QQ:

The Far Infrared Heater has many advantages, such as:

1,Comfortable heating

2,Speedy heating
3,Double energy saving up to 50%
4,Safe heating and long service life(50 years)
5,Green and low carbon products
6,Easy for installation
7,Saving space

8, Far infrared is good to your health

Compare with the triditional heating mathod, it is a much better product !

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