Determination of renovation budget plan

With a satisfactory design effect, there is of course a detailed budget. With it, you can determine how much money you need to spend on such an effect. Careful planning of the renovation budget is the main prerequisite for signing the contract. So how to finalize a decoration budget?

Budget one, determine the decoration materials

To do a detailed budget, we must include all the materials in the renovation, floor tiles, floors, wall materials, doors and windows, sanitary ware, lamps, ceiling materials, and so on. Specifically, for example, whether the floor is floor tiles, floor tiles, floor tiles, how many colors, what color, what brand, what price level, etc. These materials are as detailed as possible and more detailed and accurate. The smaller the budget error.

Budget II, determine the renovation project

Which locations need decoration, how to decorate, and what kind of decoration. According to the design effect, each room's living function and use requirements, facility requirements, lists the detailed list of items that need to be done, and then make a budget according to the current fitting-out market price standard. For example: The living room is to be a TV background wall, what material is used for this TV background wall, how much is a square meter, and how big it is. This can accurately determine the confirmed price of a project.

Budget three, the determination of the grade of decoration

Everyone also knows that the same brand has different prices. The price of the so-called grades may not differ much as a whole, but there are indeed certain advantages in the details. For example: two clothes of the same style and color, some prices are thousands, some tens of dollars can buy, the price difference is in its material and internal details. Therefore, we must pay attention to this point in the renovation budget, take the most commonly used plate in the decoration of the core board: gold autumn core board has 130 yuan a 90 yuan a, these two are a brand The quality is quite different.

Do not think that there is a picture effect on the line, in fact, according to this effect to make something the same price may be relevant, so the decoration budget must be detailed. From a single item, the price may not be much higher, but the total number of items related to a few thousand dollars is invisible.

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