DC high voltage generator failure how to do?

DC high voltage generators are specifically designed to detect the electrical insulation strength and leakage current of power devices. The intelligent DC high voltage generator is based on the requirements of the Chinese industry standard ZBF24003-90 "General Specifications for Portable DC High Voltage Generator". It is the latest research, design and manufacture. It is a new era product, and the intelligent DC high voltage generator has various protection functions. Mainly applicable to power maintenance department, mining, metallurgy, iron and steel enterprises and other power departments on the zinc oxide arrester, power cables, transformers, generators, high voltage switch and other high-voltage electrical equipment DC voltage withstand test.

The DC high voltage generator is an instrument that provides a high voltage DC source. The instrument must be grounded reliably before using the instrument. Workers using DC high-voltage generators must have professional personnel for "high-voltage test appointment cards." The use of DC high voltage generators requires the user to press 168 of the "Safety Regulations" and install two distinct disconnect points before the working power enters the tester. When changing the test sample and wiring, the two power disconnect points should be disconnected first. At the same time, at least three staff must be on site to ensure the safety of users.


1. When the power switch is turned on, the digital display on the control box is off. Please check the power connection and all fuses. If the fuse is damaged, replace the new one with the amperage marked next to the fuse holder.

2. If the power switch is turned on, the digital display is on, the high voltage indicator light (green) is off, and no high voltage is added.

1 Fault display "Zero" light does not return to zero position, please turn the high voltage output adjustment knob and fine adjustment knob counterclockwise back to zero to "return to zero" light off, you can add high voltage.

2 Fault display The "other" lights have two phenomena: 1. Ground protection, 2. Wire breakage protection a. The grounding wire may not be connected properly, or the ground wire may not be grounded reliably. Please connect a reliable ground, turn off the power, and restart.

b. It may be that the cables connecting the control box and the high voltage tower are not connected properly. After connecting the cables, turn off the power and restart. This fault may occur when the welding heads at both ends of the cable are soldered off. Please solder the soldering tips on both ends of the cable, turn off the power and restart.

C. It is possible to control the disconnection of a wire in the box. Please re-weld, turn off the power and restart.

3, all normal, but in the process did not rise to the rated output voltage protection 1 fault display "over-current" light a. The test product short circuit, or leakage current is too large.

b. The boost pressure is too fast when large capacitive loads occur. Turn off the power, restart, slow down the boost speed.

2 Fault display "Overvoltage" light is overvoltage protection setting knob is not at the maximum place, please turn clockwise to the maximum place, turn off the power and restart.

4. When a short circuit occurs under high voltage of the sample, due to the large short-circuit current, it is possible to turn on all the fault indicator lamps. This is normal. Please re-start after troubleshooting the sample.

5, after troubleshooting the test sample, the fault indicator light is still bright, plus no high pressure.

The power switch is also a fault protection reset switch. Please turn off the power switch and restart it to boost the voltage.

6. If it is found that the voltmeter figures fluctuate greatly, please check whether the 7-pin shield net head and the center shield wire end of the two aviation plugs of the connection cable are disconnected. If it is disconnected, please weld it well.

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