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On the evening of March 19th, 2017, the Nanyang Dick Global New Product Launch will be opened in the glory of the Shenzhen Zhongzhou Marriott Hotel, which is known as the “Art Gallery Hotel”. Nanyang Dick New Products: Contemporary Oriental Fashion Chinese Furniture - Wo In the exhibition of 920 square meters in Shenzhen, the exhibition will provide you with a long history of oriental culture and a new philosophy of Italian literature and art that transcends time and space and transcends fashion.

Nanyang Dick strength

Founded in 2001, Nanyang Dick Furniture Co., Ltd. is a large-scale solid wood furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating furniture design, manufacturing and sales. The company is the vice chairman unit of China Furniture Association, China's well-known trademarks, China's top ten solid wood furniture brands, vice president of Shaanxi Provincial Furniture Association, Shaanxi famous brand products, and Shaanxi famous trademarks. The production base is located in the west section of Xuefu Avenue, Guodu Education Technology Industrial Park, Xi'an. At present, it owns Nordic modern high-grade solid wood furniture [Hutao No.1], modern new-style solid wood furniture [Wujinzhipin], Chinese neo-classical mahogany furniture [National Pear], Xinmei light luxury solid wood furniture [Glendale], new Nordic fashion solid wood furniture [Jinmu Fanpin] and other products. The brand is endorsed by the powerful film star Wu Xiubo.

Nanyang Dick - Heqi

For the first time, the great pioneering work of the Silk Road has integrated the East and West civilizations, and at the same time endowed the ancient capital Xi'an with an international connotation. And this fine tradition has undergone changes in time and space and continues to this day.

After the Republic of China, the trend of Western learning was particularly strong, and the national studies gradually declined. Chinese solid wood furniture explores the rise in the wave of East-West cultural integration. This international humanities, which has been accommodating ancient and modern China and foreign countries, has finally produced a glory that represents the essence of contemporary oriental culture under the inherent needs of modern urban civilization.

"Heqi" roots in Xi'an, relying on the profound cultural heritage of the East, and learns the techniques and inherits the new. She takes the road of the Eastern Renaissance as her historical mission and opens the art palace of the balance of East and West culture values. Her oriental artistic conception is following the pace of the times, and is undergoing a century-old classic of the east wind.

As the leader of contemporary oriental fashionism, [He Qi] has been destined to have no luxury with Baroque and Rococo since its birth. Based on the oriental artistic conception, she sweeps the western style of the watch, aiming to awaken the oriental feelings and humanistic style that hides the hearts of the people.

Every detail of [Heqi] is engraved with the masters of oriental design masters; each space can trace her cultural origins rich in oriental feelings. She is cherished by the simplicity, complexity, harmony, and harmony of the oriental aesthetic spirit, or the calmness of the Northland scenery, or the lightness of the Jiangnan water town. Confucianism, introversion, and quiet oriental wisdom.

[Heqi] has a fresh cultural life and has an independent soul and realm. With an artistic style that is gentle, exquisite and delicate, she creates an oriental environment with both form and spirit, so that the fascinating artifacts are at your fingertips.

[He qi] endows the contemporary oriental phantom, destined to peerless.

The relevant content of the above Yijia Shangpin furniture will be introduced to this first, more information, all in GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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