Change the balcony to the kitchen, is it really possible?

Change the balcony to the kitchen? Many people may feel very surprised when they hear it. Do not doubt it. It is true. Nowadays, many small-sized units transform the balcony into a kitchen in order to make full use of space. But do you know a lot of feng shui? The balcony changed the feng shui taboo in the kitchen
1. Where the balcony is inhaled yang, it should be cleaned. If the kitchen is set on the balcony, it will affect the fresh air inhaled, and it is easy to blow the kitchen dry air into the room. 2, the balcony when the kitchen is dangerous, put the stove on the balcony, the winter is easy to crack pipelines, causing safety accidents; spring and summer windy season, easy to blow out the fire, causing gas leaks. 3, balcony in the west of the house, you can change the kitchen balcony, and there are foreign financial and career. 4, the balcony in the south of the house, you can change the balcony to the kitchen, the family is energetic and the official transport. 5. The balcony is on the back of the house. The balcony cannot be changed into a kitchen. The family has no savings and only has a daughter. If the above issues are noticed and there are no problems, then congratulations on creating a kitchen on the balcony! What are the "styles" of the kitchen in the balcony? â–² This kitchen has a balcony with a bright yellow cabinet, which injects dynamic and vitality into the pure white kitchen, breaking the white monotonous feeling. Sunlight shines through the window, boosting the brightness of the kitchen, while reflecting the yellow cabinets, but also more warm. â–² This kitchen has a balcony with a red cabinet door, white countertop cabinets, there is a stylish atmosphere, but also full of energy and passion. The contrast between the color of the brown floor tiles and the white tiles on the wall also creates a fresh and passionate collision. â–² The kitchen has a balcony with a transparent finish, the overall white tone is simple and stylish, transparent glass windows enhance the sense of penetration of the kitchen, the scenery outside the window forms a natural decorative painting, where cooking has become a kind of life. Enjoyment. â–² modern fashion L-shaped corner balcony kitchen renovation renderings â–² European Mediterranean style balcony kitchen tile parquet decoration renderings

Balcony renovation Feng Shui

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