Ceramic floor tiles expensive expensive home decoration floor tiles which is good

As everyone knows, the whole family decorating needs a lot of materials, of which the tiles are the most common ones. The floor and walls are practical. It is characterized by a hard texture, abrasion resistance, no water seepage Easy to clean, glazed, can decorate the room very well. Then we must pay attention to the price you buy it is not expensive, let's take a look at ceramic tiles are expensive and what kind of floor tiles.

Which is better

1, whole body brick

It is made of crushed ore and has a very smooth appearance. Compared with ordinary stone, it has good abrasion resistance, lower water absorption, and the same color on both sides, so it is called whole body brick. It is a retro style, the design tends to plain, is widely used in indoor halls, aisles, walls and outdoor walls.

2, polished tiles

This type of material is polished on top of the first type of brick. When compared to the above, it has a smoother appearance and is harder and harder. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces other than toilets and kitchens. For example, it is used in balconies. , exterior decoration and so on. Polished tiles are called the king of floor tiles and belong to a species in whole bricks.

3, glass tiles

This is also processed by the above first kind, and the appearance has been polished to achieve the standard that the water absorption does not exceed 0.5%. Since the water absorption rate is low, its hardness is relatively high, and it is not easy to have scratches. It is also not resistant to dirt, harder and more durable than polished tiles, and it is more expensive, but it is also loved by friends of the owners.

4, glazed tiles

Finally, the brick surface recommended for everyone is made of glaze. It has outstanding aesthetics and anti-fouling properties. Glazed tiles are more ornamental than other types of tiles and can have a variety of The pattern and color, but because the surface is a glaze, it does not wear, and even worse than the polished tiles.

Ceramic tile price introduction

No one can give a definitive answer to the question of price. It is also closely related to the brand, specifications, model, material, and craftsmanship. For example, the number of tiles in the first-line brand is a few dozen, and a good few are normal. Most of the second and third line of brand tiles are up and down. Secondly, the size of tiles of the same material is different. The price difference is also large. A small one may be a few dollars, a big one or two hundred, and the workmanship is definitely more expensive than the ordinary; The floor tiles are laid on the ground, so they must not be coveted and cheap. For long-term use, we must choose products with good quality and guaranteed quality, so we can choose to buy them according to the actual situation.

Summary: The above is the introduction of ceramic tile prices brought by Xiao Bian today. We believe that our friends also have a certain understanding. We can refer to ceramic tile prices for reference. I hope this article will help you.

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