Central South University successfully developed high-molybdenum and low-grade scheelite alkaline extraction efficient clean metallurgy technology

Recently, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association organized a special results appraisal meeting in Beijing. The results appraisal expert group led by academician Qiu Dingfan teamed up with Central South University and Luoyang Longchuan Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Mo Mo Group”). The "high-molybdenum and low-grade scheelite alkaline extraction efficient clean metallurgical process and engineering demonstration" project carried out scientific and technological achievements evaluation. Experts at the meeting unanimously agreed that: The project has strong technological innovation, high comprehensive utilization of resources, low emission of three wastes, high technology maturity, advanced technology and economic indicators, and significant economic and social benefits, and it has reached international standards in the treatment of high-molybdenum and low-grade scheelite. Leading level.

The team of Professor Zhang Guiqing of the Metallurgical Separation Science and Engineering Laboratory of the School of Metallurgy and Environment, School of Metallurgical and Environmental Engineering of our school cooperated with Luomo Group to target the Luoyang Molybdenum Group with large reserves of tungsten and tungsten, low tungsten grade (WO3<30%), and symbiotic molybdenum (Mo2~3%). With the high content of phosphorus (P2O5>20%), the high extraction cost of existing tungsten metallurgy technology, the large amount of waste water discharged and the low comprehensive utilization ratio of resources, the first closed circuit of "Soda high pressure leaching - alkaline extraction - separation of tungsten and molybdenum" was developed. Circulating process to efficiently extract tungsten and molybdenum from low-grade scheelite to produce ammonium paratungstate (APT) and ammonium molybdate, achieving closed circulation of water, alkali and ammonia, high-efficiency and low-cost separation of tungsten and molybdenum, and tungsten and symbiotic elements of molybdenum High-value integrated utilization of phosphorus. Tungsten is produced as a national standard zero-order APT product, and more than 80% of molybdenum is produced as a high-value national standard zero-grade ammonium molybdate product (the traditional method is low-value molybdenum slag). Phosphorus is enriched in phosphate rock for sale. Leaching residue. The new process basically achieves zero discharge of waste slag and waste water. The amount of waste water produced by the APT is less than 5m3. Compared with the traditional method, the waste water is reduced by 80 to 95%, the tungsten yield is increased by more than 3%, and the ton APT has added more than 9,000 yuan in economic benefits. The first-phase high-molybdenum low-grade scheelite comprehensive utilization demonstration project (an annual output of 5,000 tons of APT) based on this technology has been completed and put into operation in March 2016, and the full stability of the production line was achieved in October of that year. Production, successful implementation of a large-scale industrial application of new processes.

In addition to the industrial application of Luomo Group Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd., the three key technologies for the development of this project are "quaternary ammonium alkaline extraction tungsten technology" and "special resin continuous ion exchange depth removal molybdenum technology". In addition, the "synthetic extraction depth tungsten removal technology" has also been applied as an independent unit technology in 11 other tungsten and molybdenum smelting enterprises in China, with significant economic and social benefits.

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