CCTV's "Light of Science and Technology" column goes into the body protection company

Recently, the 10th program of China Central Television's "Lighting of Science and Technology" group entered the body to protect the mask company, and conducted an in-depth interview on "The New Way to Manage Campus Pollution."


The campus is a place for children to learn and grow. The air quality environment of the classroom has always been a concern of the parents of the society, the government, the school, and even every student. The pollution problems of carbon dioxide, PM2.5, particulate matter, and formaldehyde have become Beijing and Tianjin.当前 Problems currently facing primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Solving the problem of environmental pollution is a protracted warfare. As the most vulnerable child and youth group, effective protection measures should be taken in public spaces such as classrooms where the school is located for a long time.


Running is a child's nature. We cannot confine our children to freedom because of environmental pollution. Therefore, outdoor protection measures are particularly important. During the program, Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Body Protection Protective Mask and Director of the Health and Safety Protective Products Committee, made a detailed plan for the management of air pollution in China’s environmental campus. When the air pollution is serious, try to stay in the room and open the indoor air purification system. Wear protective masks when you travel. When you are in the car, you need to turn on the inside of the car. When you return home, you should clean the oral cavity.


How can I choose a qualified snorkel mask?

Zhang Lijun, chairman of the body protection mask and director of the safety and health protection products committee, pointed out that 95% of consumers lacked the experience in choosing the corrective mask. They thought that only one mask or cotton mask would be sufficient. This view is Incorrect, most face masks on the market generally have poor face fitting, high leakage rate, poor filtering effect, and large suction resistance. To choose a qualified protective mask, first, the face mask of the protective mask is better, which will also reduce air leakage. Second, it is necessary to look at whether the masks meet the national standards for the implementation of masks. During the interview, the Chinese body Bally KN95, which was demonstrated by the chairman of the Chinese body Bally, is a qualified mask that meets the national implementation standards and has a filter effect of more than 95%. The third is that the mask is better in breathability, and the suction resistance is 250 Pa - 350 Pa. Such a mask does not produce a feeling of depression.


Finally, during an exclusive interview with Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the body-intensity protective mask, we learned that the indoor circulation fresh air system developed by Zhongli Beili has been launched. The new air circulation system installed in classrooms of some schools has been recognized and praised by schools and parents. August 23-25 ​​this year at the National Convention Center in Beijing, the country's largest new air system exhibition, the Chinese body Beili R & D's new indoor circulation and fresh air system, the car circulation system will meet with you.


Xi greatly said: "I hope and believe. Through unremitting efforts, APEC Blue can keep going." Protecting the environment is not a matter of a person's department, scientists need to contribute scientific research results, entrepreneurs need to take social responsibility, need to monitor the unit Law enforcement must be strict and laws must be enforced. Every Chinese son and daughter must take responsibility for protecting the environment. Let us work together to make APEC Blue forever.

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