Car DVR must see five factors

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Five essential conditions for purchasing a car DVR - 1, power supply, 2, highly integrated miniaturization, 3, shockproof, 4, driving information recording function, 5, to achieve value-added media playback.
The emergence of the car DVR solved the confusion of the relevant departments. The car digital hard disk recorder is a dedicated embedded digital hard disk recorder that is installed on a mobile vehicle and integrates functions of digital video recording, monitoring, entertainment and advertising. It must meet the conditions of being able to use the vehicle power supply, miniaturization, shockproof, able to record driving information and add value. Here are a few simple explanations of the above necessary conditions:
Car DVR must see five factors
1. Power Supply <br> The vehicle DVR has always been working in the environment where the vehicle is running. It must be shockproof, dustproof and moisture proof. At the same time, the equipment adapts to the input voltage range, because during the running of the vehicle, there will be braking, climbing, ignition and aging of the vehicle electrical equipment, which will cause the output voltage of the vehicle to fluctuate with different amplitudes. It must have a wide voltage input capability to adapt to voltage changes, anti-electromagnetic compatibility design, and need to be shock-proof and dust-proof in the process.
2, highly integrated miniaturization <br> Car DVR is not simply recording images, must have a wealth of functions to meet the requirements of modern vehicle monitoring, can respond to a variety of situations. The average length and width of the embedded digital hard disk recorder are almost 400mm. Due to the limited space on the vehicle, the chassis is too large to be installed. For example, the seat can not be installed underneath, so the miniaturization of the machine becomes a requirement that must be met. Installation, such as under the seat, is generally required to have a length and width of no more than 300 × 200mm.
3, anti-shock <br> Because of the different car conditions, road conditions, anti-shock, especially the anti-shock treatment of the hard disk has become the most basic requirements for the car digital video recorder. The most vulnerable part of the in-vehicle digital hard disk recorder is the hard disk. Therefore, we must solve the problem of shock absorbers on the vehicle. We use the patented anti-vibration structure, which has a double suspension design with suspension suspension and chassis suspension. Different from the structure that uses springs and rubber mats as shockproof materials on the market, although it can play a certain anti-seismic effect in the direction of vertical force, it actually does not vibrate in the driving state, especially under the harsh road conditions. Regular, long-term use will inevitably lead to equipment failure.
4. Driving information recording function <br> The driving information recording function is divided into two parts. First, the driving audio and video information recording function. Second, the information recording function of driving speed, steering, braking, etc. The driving audio and video information recording function can be satisfied by the general vehicle digital hard disk recording. The black box function is recorded in the face of the vehicle speed and other information transmitted by the sensor, which is the function of the more advanced vehicle digital video recorder at present. Record the driving status of the car, such as: left turn, right turn, brake, reverse, vehicle speed and other information about the vehicle's travel, and the stored information can be output through the standard interface. Through the system analysis software, the vehicle can be effectively scheduled and managed, the driving safety can be improved, and the vehicle violations can be reduced.
5, to achieve value-added media playback function <br> Car digital DVR in the realization of audio and video information recording capabilities, can provide new value-added services, such as the ability to compile, insert advertising, entertainment programs. This is another new requirement for customers on the digital DVR, and it has become another standard for the advanced digital DVR products.

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