Campus security needs to consider three main points

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Specifically, campus security needs to be considered in the following aspects:
High-speed rail video surveillance
1. Basic network construction cost The campus system has the problem of integration and integration of the basic network construction and the existing network. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the integration of the future application system. Therefore, in the infrastructure construction, it is necessary to consider the optimization of the existing system. The core equipment is upgraded to realize the construction of the campus monitoring network.
The campus's technical reserves are relatively rich and widely used. To a certain extent, it has promoted the entry of network such as EPON and ATM into the campus security monitoring system. EPON is a shared medium transmission method using wavelength division multiplexing technology. In the large-scale high-definition monitoring system, the application scheme and technology are mature and the cost is relatively moderate. ATM is a transmission method using asynchronous time division multiplexing technology, and uses fixed cells for data processing, coupled with high cost under high bandwidth requirements, and is not suitable for data transmission in which video signals change in real time. Therefore, adopting the EPON method is currently the more mainstream networking mode.
2. Application system construction cost Campus monitoring system, which plays a very important role as the pioneering infrastructure of “digital campus” and “smart campus”. To this end, we can adopt the staged construction method to monitor the unified planning and phased construction of the points. Each application system adopts the platform as the design principle and adopts the capability addition method to realize the unified integration of resources and the integration and reuse of the application capabilities to achieve the system. The cost of construction is minimally controlled.
3. The special nature of the construction mode of the enterprise BOT, etc., determines that the system construction is quite different from other government functional departments. The BOT construction mode is adopted, and the annual line lease and point rental method can greatly reduce the campus once. Sexual cost investment provides resource reserves and technical reserves for the follow-up construction of campus systems.
In recent years, Zhongxing Liwei has continuously introduced new security products. Which security products are launched for the education industry? Are these products designed and functionally adjusted for the business needs and characteristics of the education industry?
With many years of experience in security monitoring industry, Zhongxing Liwei actively constructs a modern security technology prevention system, vigorously promotes and perfects the campus security center with the headquarters of the education authority as the hub, and the school as the main body of human defense, physical defense and technical defense. The prevention and control system provides a comprehensive security protection service for teachers and students. Based on the in-depth understanding of campus security monitoring, ZXCSS ZTE Security Campus Monitoring System Solution was developed to provide a new and intuitive security management tool for colleges, primary and secondary schools, kindergarten security personnel and education management departments. Effective monitoring tools and management resources. This solution can be tailored to specific application sizes based on different school sizes and security management features. In design, in addition to video surveillance, primary and secondary schools can increase campus electronic patrols, automatic alarm systems, electronic patrols and other systems. In the universities and colleges, the automatic meter reading system can be added to automatically monitor the hydropower on the campus.

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