Camphor wood furniture

I still remember that when I was a child, I had a tree with a scent and insect deworming. I liked to take a branch with me. I always thought that it would bring good luck, but looking back at the camphor wood, I didn’t have the impression. So magical, but camphor wood is also one of China's precious tree species, what is the camphor wood, Xiaobian next for everyone to come to science.


First, what is camphor wood

Camphor wood, also known as black mulberry, is an evergreen tree that is only distributed south of the Yangtze River and southwest. The whole tree has aroma, fine wood, fine texture and beautiful patterns. The texture is tough and gentle, not easy to break, and is not prone to cracks. Elm is one of the rare species of trees in China. It is very slow in growth and generally takes more than 20 years to become a rare wood.


Second, the characteristics of camphor wood

1. The wood of the camphor is fine and woody, and the wood is very thick. It is a rare load-bearing grade wood with low water content and is a rare furniture manufacturing material.

2. The eucalyptus wood furniture can emit a strong fragrance, the smell is fragrant, refreshing, and the fragrance is anti-insect, anti-mite, mildew and moisture-proof.

3. Camphor wood can volatilize the gas components of organic matter such as camphor, and has a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa of the human body. Once inhaled, it will produce water-soluble metabolites with obvious cardiac and boosting effects. Therefore, camphor preparations Also widely used in cardiotonic drugs.

4. The precious raw materials and the characteristics of the camphor wood furniture itself are regarded as collectibles by some people who love art and pursue nature.


Third, the advantages of camphor wood furniture

1. The material is tough and tight, and the wood has a low water content after drying, which is very suitable for building furniture.

2. The material of the camphor wood furniture contains camphor ingredients. The fragrance emitted by this ingredient has the effect of driving mosquitoes, rats and snakes. Therefore, the camphor wood furniture is placed indoors with anti-mosquito effect.

3. The camphor contained in camphor wood furniture has the effect of promoting blood circulation and preventing phlegm and preventing early pregnancy.

4. The cut surface of the camphor wood is smooth and sleek, and the color is bright after coloring. It is not easily deformed after drying, and has high durability and is easy to engrave.

5. The furniture made from camphor wood furniture is free of insects, mildew, and can also smell aromatic.


Fourth, the shortcomings of camphor wood furniture

Camphor wood furniture is not available to everyone and must be used by families who are not allergic to camphor wood. Camphor tree is the most important tree species for extracting camphor, camphor oil and linalool. The trunk and root of the camphor tree contain a certain amount of camphor components. However, the camphor wood also contains organic substances such as alkanes, phenols, alkenes and oxime ethers. Ingredients, they have varying degrees of toxic side effects on the human body. Such as: can cause blood pressure to rise, dizziness, weakness, leg weakness, loss of appetite, retreat, throat dry thirst, itchy throat, cough, insomnia. Therefore, it is not appropriate to stay in the coffin furniture environment for a long time.


Five, how to maintain the camphor wood furniture

1. Camphor wood should be placed in a damp place, and dry and not easy to expose to the sun, remember to put it under the air conditioner.

2. The use of camphor wood furniture is relatively long, so it is usually necessary to maintain the furniture surface paint frequently, and wipe it with a little wax every three months, which not only looks good but also protects the wood.

3. The camphor wood furniture prevents the bumps from colliding. Because the material surface is relatively brittle, when it is used or moved, the force is dislocated, and it must be re-glued and sealed.

4. The camphor wood furniture collection should not be more than the door frame, if the hard plug is often hard to cause the deformation of the cabinet door.

5. After the surface of the camphor wood furniture is stained with dirt, wash it with mild soapy water. After drying, wax it once. Remember to use a solvent-based liquid such as gasoline, kerosene or turpentine to wipe off the coating on the surface of the camphor wood furniture. And the luster of the lacquer.


The above is the relevant content of the large wooden furniture of camphor wood, I hope to help you, more information, all in GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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