Boeing says that the world's lightest metal can be placed on a dandelion.

Abstract On October 13th, Boeing's Weibo account announced a topic of Boeing's recent research: Boolean's new material, Microlattic, is one of the strongest and lightest metal materials in human history, light enough to fit on a dandelion. Can help the aviation structure display...
On October 13th, Boeing’s Weibo account announced a topic of Boeing’s recent research: Boolean’s new material, Microlattic, is one of the strongest and lightest metal materials in human history, light enough to fit on a dandelion. Can help the aviation structure significantly reduce weight.

This material looks a bit like a spring-structured grid bed. According to Boeing, the Microlattice material is a three-dimensional open honeycomb polymer structure that can be compared to bone structure. The outer part of the bone is hard, but the inside is hollow, not easy to break, can bear weight, and the quality is very light. Of the entire structure of the Microlattice, 99.99% is air and the remaining 0.01% is solid.

According to Boeing, Microlattice has two basic properties: first, it is very compressive, and it can fully recover after compression of more than 50%. Second, the lightweight nature of the hollow structure. Wrap an egg in this material and the eggs will not be damaged if they are dropped from the 25th floor. Microlattice is a 3D multi-empty polymer material consisting of connected hollow tubes. The thickness of the hollow tube wall is less than one thousandth of the diameter of human hair.

Used in the aerospace industry, this material can make the aircraft more fuel efficient and safe.

The Daily Mail reported that Sophia Yang, a structural materials research scientist at Hormel Foods, is working with Boeing on the project to study Microlattice's use in aerospace technology. Microlattice not only has an excessive density, but its mesh structure also exhibits strong mechanical properties, which can absorb more energy than ordinary metals. The weight of this new material is even 1% of the weight of polystyrene foam, which may represent the future of aerospace design.

According to Boeing, one of the main applications of Microlattice materials is aerospace structural components such as side wall panels and luggage racks. This new metal material helps Boeing to significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft and make the aircraft more fuel efficient. In addition, these new materials can also reduce NASA's space exploration spacecraft by 40%, which is important for future interstellar exploration.

The aviation industry has been working to develop materials that are lighter and stronger. In 2010, two British scientists won the Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering the new material graphene. It is said that the discovery and application of graphene can make a “thin transparent paper-like airplane”. Graphene is only as thick as one carbon atom and is the thinnest nanoscale material known to be visible, but it is also the most robust material with a strength that is more than 100 times that of steel.

Russia's United Aircraft Manufacturing Company uses non-autoclave forming technology to manufacture wing main bearing components on its MS-21 single-passenger aircraft to reduce cost and weight. Boeing and Airbus also collaborated on a composite wing technology verification project to create a 2.5-meter-long sinusoidal wavy carbon fiber composite wing spar using patented Airbus technology to further reduce the weight of the wing by 10%.

The Chicago-based Boeing Company has a Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology division that develops, acquires, applies and protects innovative technologies and processes, and continues to introduce new aerospace technology results through partnerships with other organizations around the world. Boeing currently employs more than 170,000 people in the United States and in 70 countries around the world. To expand the Chinese market, Boeing is planning to set up its first factory outside of the United States in China.

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