Appreciate the "Vase" beauty, beware of tempered glass gas stoves

Many people use tempered glass gas stoves in their homes. On the one hand, the simple design meets the aesthetics of modern homes, on the other hand, tempered glass is easy to handle, and daily cleaning is effortless. However, it is not difficult for us to find out that in daily life, we often find accidents with tempered glass gas stoves exploding around us. What happened in the end?

Ms. Huang from Zhuhai broke the news with us, saying that not long ago, when she was at home, the soup was changed to a small fire. Later, she called in the living room, and suddenly heard a loud bang, and saw the glass countertop of the gas stove suddenly blew itself, and the glass slag splashed everywhere. The product of "Sole proprietorship Bank Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd." used by Ms. Huang has been used for more than a year. I did not expect a self-destruction.

Similarly, a luxury tempered glass gas stove that was used by consumers in the home for a year has also experienced a self-destruction accident. And the after-sales attitude is very bad, not to give a statement to make this consumer feel that consumer rights protection is very difficult.

Buying a gas stove is to use it to cook rice, but I did not expect an explosion accident. I believe many consumers can't sit still and want to check their own gas stove for safety risks. It is very strange to say, what is tempered glass? Can such glass be used on gas stoves? Why do these gas stoves explode from time to time?

Before solving the problem of why the tempered glass gas stove will blew itself, let us first explore what is tempered glass and why it blew itself.

Tempered glass belongs to safety glass, which is actually a kind of pre-supplement glass. In the production process, in order to increase the strength of the glass, by using chemical or physical methods, pressure is formed on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first offset, thereby improving the bearing capacity and increasing the wind resistance of the glass itself. Sex and shock.

There are many materials used in the market for cooktops, but at present, consumers prefer stainless steel and tempered glass. The advantage of the stainless steel plate surface is that the strength is relatively high, it is not easy to be damaged, and the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dirt. Some dirt attached to the stainless steel surface is very aesthetically pleasing. Because the tempered glass is smooth and shiny, and the handling is very simple, many people choose the gas stove of the tempered glass panel. However, the biggest drawback of this guy is that it is easy to blew, or the panel is easily damaged.

The self-explosion of tempered glass is mainly caused by unstable nickel sulfide in glass, and the temperature difference is an important factor. High temperature will increase the activity of nickel sulfide and destroy the stress balance of tempered glass. After long-term heating, some stones will change with time, causing cracks inside the glass, causing glass to rupture.

In addition, there are many situations that can cause explosions: first, the quality of the tempered glass itself; second, the disassembly of the appliance and improper operation during installation, causing the panel to burst; third, the lack of inspection and maintenance after a long period of use, resulting in internal components. Improper work and burst.

A gas stove salesperson who did not want to be named revealed to us that rare tempered glass gas stoves are because the gas stove made of tempered glass has a low market share. Although it looks fashionable, it is very convenient to clean. However, they are not willing to sell this type of product because it is more important than aesthetics and safety. Tempered glass is not suitable for cooking.

When the tempered glass encounters a local high temperature, the stress balance is destroyed, causing cracks or even bursts. Therefore, it is unreasonable to use tempered glass on the stove that is hot and cold. Therefore, children's shoes that need to buy tempered glass gas stoves need to be shop around, try to choose the brand, have the national three-package standard trustworthy gas stove, try not to choose the gas stove with safety hazards, or you will only spend money to buy "panic" ".

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